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Chair is a big SUCKASS!



@ xoxogg : you talked about the 2 actors (Leighton and Chuck) being people and having their own opinions..and we need to respect that. Lol same as you, as I feel pretty bad for Veronica55 seeing she was getting a verbal thrashing 5 on 1 coz she ships dair and her opinion is different :P


The flames are coming from both sides of the fence. And really its like the 4 same posters over and over again engaged in this shouting match in every thread every week. Everyone else is only stating their opinions as narrow minded and biased as they might be,some posters even managing to have reasonable and somewhat intelligent discord.

I wish these same few hateful people would stop but i know they won't even though it detracts from the show.


@crAZychicke if dair fans are so mature then why are you being so immature about the way you feel?

people like this make me cling further to chair.

I'll admit, I admire, in fact LOVE the dair friendship, it's comedic and lighter. But there's something about the history between chuck and blair that I will never let go of. they will always unconditionally love eachother forever and to be honest, I can't see Dan ever being able to let that go if he got with Blair. maybe thats why they're setting up duck, who knows.

And Dan. I think I've realised why i don't want him for blair. he's one of those kids at school who will do anything to anyone to be 'popular'. I can't see Blair being an acception. He is so judgement and it bugs be, but thisseasons about grow so maybe finally he'll grow out of that.

anyway I hope for a chair reunion :)


@ T : exactly! Knowing Blair Waldorf she would have swatted him away like an annoying fly, but she agreed, which shows even she was uncertain about what exactly she felt for Dan.
Then look at how she kissed him (4x17 end joined with the scene in 4x18 PROMO) that was NOT a "ewww what the hell am I doing!" Kiss, rather it was the opposite really. :)


@crAZychicke! I love the passion you just ignited in me haha!


I just tried to imagine Dair in bed....I mean I honestly like them together and if she wants to replace Louis with Dan I'm all in but when I think of Blair making sweet pillowtalk with Dan I simply have to laugh^^
Of course Penn has the most amazing time with Leighton. Because Leighton IS gorgeous and Blair is the best character on this show. So who can blame him for spending more time working with her? But I trust the writers that at the very end we will have a Chair reunion because everything else would feel like the hugest waste of time. They were made for each other and when you have two people on set who have the most convincing chemistry ever you can't just throw that in the trash. Chair ftw!


OMFG if i see one more comment from chair fans to tell dair fans to get a life i'm going to scream. just accept that we ship other people for different reasons. you're entitled to like chair and we'll like dair. let that be the end of it.

@veronica55 - DARE TO DAIR BITCHES! i love your comments. so true. we'll be FLAMED together no doubt. don't worry dair fans are so much more mature than chair fans.


really excited for GG tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

guess we'll find out if blair's in denial about dair or whatever.

for DAIR fans - all the reasons why they should be together.


Chair fans - feel free to bitch at how much they suck - i don't give a damn. besides you shouldn't be watching this anyway - go watch your precious chair vids.

p.s chair fans seem to be dominating this last thread lol. just a few pointers - i don't see any dair scenes as forced - i love their banter, their friendship, their fights, the fact that dan's always there to comfort her whether she wants to run away from louis or that chuck disappointed her again! whether dair are meant to be or not meant to be i'm loving their scenes together just the same. if chair happens again that will be forced for me. chair just seems to be that "bad" relationship like a rut where blair or chuck can't get out of. we've had chair for four seasons, they are not why i watch the show - i watch the show because i like gossip girl and i like it's MAIN character - Dan humphrey. i'm a rare bean but i can't help it. i'd choose a dan over a chuck anyday. x


Chuck and Blair and Blair and Chuck enough said!

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