Gossip Girl Sneak Peeks: Dog Park Style

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On Monday's episode of Gossip Girl, "The Fasting and the Furious," Chuck takes Monkey to the dog park. That alone would make for a memorable scene, but does he make a significant connection there?

A sneak peek released for the fifth episode of the season certainly implies that. Will this be a new love interest for Chuck, or merely a professional relationship? He could use help in that department ...

Also this week, Diana increases her efforts to infiltrate Blair's inner circle, with Nate and Ivy in tow, while Serena has to put on a happy face and suck up to Dan. Sounds like plenty of duplicity to go around.

Watch the sneak preview clip, along with the weekly producers' overview, below:

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@Observer - YES! thank you! the actors are absolutely amazing. it's the script which needs to be better, and thank god for this season, it is improving. @R - well i do agree with you there. let's agree to disagree and also i think we both feel like we get ganged up upon by different shipping fans. Next ep should be interesting.


@Chair only a chair fan would say that. penn is a brilliant actor.


like wtf dan needs to geow some and fight for blair he gets over her to easy 1st ivy now serena again come on writter even penn things blair & dan are soulmates and why hasnt she forgiven him. plus i hate ivy so get her the heck away from nate if anything he belongs to serena. and if yall want a real shocker u would make dan the father of blairs baby.


I agree with Observer and with others asking to leave the actors out of this, maybe almost anybody was trashing the actors but it was starting to get out of control, please calm down.


HAHAHAHA @Polly haha that's classic and so true lmao I am so sick of these shipping wars honestly, now we've moved on to the actors? COME ON GET OVER IT PEOPLE @crAZychicke we don't hate you because you ship different to us, I just get frustrated that chair fans get picked on on these site because they want to stay true to the origins of the show. and honestly at the moment you guys are making something out of nothing. and until Blair actually falls for Dan, or admits anything happened between them, then I remain certain that her heart lies with chuck but even so I think we all know that Blair is not an idiot. in the end who she actually chooses will be the man she truly loves. so until then I will remain entertained by both ships because I know Blair will make the choice in the end that will make her happy, once the so called 'prince' is gone. so everyone just relax and please FORGET THE SHIPPING WARS. ship who you want and stop trying to force people to ship the same


To end this once and for all
“+100 for Dan realizing that only with Chuck Bass dead, Nate gay, and Robot Prince non-existent in his book would he ever get Blair Waldorf.� — Meg24 (NYMag’s Gossip Girl Recap Recap)


I don't understand what this argument is about. Who cares what the actors said in interviews. I am sure every actor is thankful for the show but I am also sure all of them would like to be in big movies or go on to other things. Everyone needs to stop freaking out, what they say doesn't effect any of your lives, get over it.


@A So now Ed Westwick is a liar who only says what he wants people to hear? How the hell are you able to say such rude, groundless comments about someone you don't even know? You can tell by his acting that HE DOES GIVE A F**K. All the outcry against or supporting Chuck is a sign that Ed's doing a great job: he's makin people feel things! Isn't it a bit cynical to just assume that all of the actors want to move on with their careers while their mouths are saying that they still care? Except maybe penn.


@Observer... I don't think any of the dair or chair ppl were trashing any of the actors (with the exception of @chair penn is the worst actor). @I'llSayYes and @veronica55 were just arguing about the truths to what the actors really feel. it's kinda obvious that leighton and ed ship chair based on all of the stuff they say and now penn likes dair so all the things they said was just the truth and their opinion on that fact. Not demeaning to the actors whatsoever.


@I'llSayYes Don't kid yourself. All the actors on that show would like to move on to other things as soon as possible.
I'm sure they are grateful for GG as their launching pad but given the choice they would all up and run.
Ed says what he thinks the fans want to hear in interviews but his whole demeanour screams "I don't really give a F***".
This guy has worked with directors such as Anthony Minghella and Clint Eastwood and thats what he really cares about, getting bigger roles with great directors, not who ends up with whom on GG. I'm not trying to undermine the show or the actors commitment to it until now, but let's be realistic.
Lets just hope for our sakes, the fans, that the show keeps being well written and that the writers deliver a good ending.
Hopefully Ed and Leighton will be set free from the shackles of Chair long before we reach the finale.