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Oh please no Derena, horrible after how Serena treated Dan.

I am still pro Dair...


1. It's so hard to choose a favorite quote! Chuck to Nate "You speak old lady. What's my play?" and Nate wasn't offended! Louis velvet-gloved smackdown to his mother "As the future reigning prince, it's up to my child to acknowledge you." The Dr's sidewalk evaluation of Chuck and Chuck's message on the Dr's answering machine asking for help.
2. Biggest Stretch = Chuck & Louis talking to the same psychologist. How and Why doesd Louis have that number?
3. I hope so because the redemption of Chuck is the most interesting storyline going on this season!
4. Blair will not be a good mother. Let's face it - you learn how to be a parent from watching your own parents. You can either copy what they did right/wrong, or you can choose to do the opposite of what they did. Either way, Eleanor has not given Blair much to work with.
5. Dan and Serena are over! RIP!
6. Underused = Cyrus. Overused = Chivy. She's sooooo last season!
7. The bigger question is why does Bart have a dossier on himself? What did the P.I. find that Bart didn't already know? Please GOD let someone, say Lily, know what was in the file. Surely when she found out Bart investigated them, she asked to see his file, his secrets. I think Diana is going to turn out to be Chuck's older sister. They guy really has no other family on or off the canvas.


first of all why are we comparing gossip girl to other shows? this is gossip girl...who cares about what happened on the others. gossip girl isn't a re-make of one tree hill or dawson's creek.

im also glad that diana's story has picked up. i think it'll turn out to be a juicy one.

on another note...i wish they would do an episode with flash backs to when they were children. i havent read the books before but from my knowledge, the main 4 are childhood friends right?. wouldn't it be great to see blair/serena/chuck and nate as kids?! i don't know what purpose flashbacks could do for the story but it'll still be interesting....and who doesn't want to see chuck bass as a kid!?


Courtney: Chuck redeemed himself with me when he let Blair go, but hopefully this is the beginning of him coming around back to becoming a functioning person. He does need the help and if it helps him win Blair back, then Chuck Bass redemption is the way to go.

Christina: I’m not entirely certain, but if “the redemption of Chuck Bass” is needed in order to get Chair back together, I'm game.

Leigh: Yes, I kind of think it is. I don't think Chuck will shake all of his devious ways, and quite frankly he'd be boring if he did, but I think he'll get on a better path. Perhaps he'll be a little less masochistic.

Steve: Without question, something had to give with Chuck. He needs to step outside of his own head (and not in a drug-induced way) to see himself for who he really is. Hopefully this is the beginning of that process, whatever Eliza's true intentions may be. Only then can he be a better man.

suck it dair fans.The round table is pro chair and chuck.

Dan's book(aslo dan)is ridiculous like blair said.


Dan: Blair, I never wanted us to come between you too.
Blair: When are you going to get it through your head? There's no us! There never was. There's nothing here but friendship, and even that's gone now.


I just want chuck and blair together.


i believe, Diana is Chuck's big sister!


1. "Well at least this time it's because they hate you and not because they don't know you exist." HAHA i miss rude chuck and lonely boy Dan!
2. i wanna say nate but i know he's stupid and i expect this sort of behavior from him but diana really?!?! she was nates plus one?! was Nate even at Yom Kippour? and i know B is busy with all her family drama but she is not dumb surely she would have at least noticed Diana. what happend to our Queen B?
3. i hope so but i want a little more season 1 chuck! he was my favorite chuck. but i do want his character to be redeemed because i love him!
4. i think she will i mean she did raise her minions well... except for jenny but she doesnt count. I do think Blair would Be a great mother but i also think she'll lose the baby so we'll never find out for sure.
5. NO NO NO absolutly NOT i loved derena in season 1 but they are done i mean they share a sibling i know this is gossip girl but come on! and 2 they are step-siblings! plus it kind of felt like closure when dan said that they are to young to know who the loves of their lives are. Plus i'm hardcore team serenate!
6. underused is def cyrus (my fav.!) but of the mains i think its nate (as always) and serena. they both have storylines (which are stupid and unbelievable) and wasn't the show sort of BASED on them! and blair. and aren't they supposed to be best friends this season?! WTF they haven't even interacted since the premier! but the most overused is clearly Ivy/Charlie! what is she even doing here?! she is def. the new vanessa! i dont think i've hated a character more than her since Jenny and vanessa. i'm all for the IUS! just glad it's not the NUS.
7. i dont know and i dont care i want her to leave with charlie/ivy. but i do low key think she is a relative of chucks somehow...


chuck and louis talking to the same psychiatrist is not a stretch at all, from what i gathered the only reason he called her was because he saw chuck coming from her office or with her or whatever on gossip girl.


I am so proud of the progress Chuck is making and I REALLY hope the therapist and Louis don't derail it!

As for Derena, I have to agree that it's all about whether the writers nurture that relationship or not. I could easily fall back in love with them, but I need to SEE Dan fall for her again onscreen. And for better reasons this time than the fact that she's a beautiful damsel in distress.

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