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Pregnant Blair is interesting. I thought it would feel forced, but fortunately Leighton Meester is working miracles with every story line. Her remarks about morning sickness and tender breasts were hilarious.

I wouldn't call Dan a creep. He wrote a book about everyone, but it wasn't supposed to be published. I think of it as more of a diary-type-thing. He is a good friend.

Serena just broke a record of stupidity… No coments.

In villain contest I'm with Beatrice. What is wrong with Louis? He never noticed that his sister is a power-hungry bitch?

Charlie/Ivy in general is hard to believe, but with Chuck the writers went one step too far. If they wanted to create some new issues for him, they should have think of something that makes sanse.

Favourite quote: "Even Blair Waldorf cannot bent DNA to her will" :)


Dan and Blair was really the sweetest thing to come out of any tv show in a long time. They just make my heart melt every time. I really don't understand all the people who want this kid to be Chuck's. The man can't even take care of himself. Think about it - he is always drinking, on drugs, making out with countless people, always in some kind of emotional turmoil. That presence wouldn't be at all healthy for a child.
Dan and Blair have the sweetness about them that is missing from most over-sexed couples in this series


@ Carrie: I couldn't agree with you more!


Love the round table!

[b]favorite quote?[/b]: There were a lot of great lines tonight. Hesitating between: "Is being dead that much worse than being nothing?" (heartbreaking!) or "Do you want me to tickle you?".

[b]Pregnant Blair[/b]: Entertaining scandal! Loving the storyline so far! Not only it's scandalous but there's also a lot of emotions and crazy drama involved. A winner combination!

[b]Dan: Loyal friend or boring creeper?[/b] Loyal friend...for now.

[b]More gullible: Nate or Serena?[/b] Serena. What the hell was that storyline?

[b]Harder to believe: Chuck's inability to feel pain, or Charlie/Ivy.[/b] Ivy. Love Chuck's inability to feel. A bit over the top, but hey, he's Chuck Bass!

[b]What do you think Rufus and Lily were up to?[/b] Who cares?


Dan is THE LOYAL FRIEND. He is not a creeper. I can't see how writing a book about your life is anything creepy. in fact shouldn't it be an honour that you are in a book? seriously writing is an awesome talent and maybe as a fellow writer i'm more passionate about this but really guys c'mon dan for some reason always seems to have this stupid lonely boy reference.. he has know blair, serena, chuck and nate for five years.. plus i loved the nate/dan bromance, as far as the person he might be awkward around - this would only be chuck because chuck has always been a selfish bastard and always looked down upon dan! grr. he is obviously lonely though now what with eric, jenny, vanessa, rufus and lilly all out of the picture so of course he's going to go to blair - because they have actually chemistry. my favourite line was also 'you'll always have me' because dan LOVES blair and blair needs someone to trust. she certainly can't trust S who would probably blurt out her secret, or CHUCK. of course I am just here for the dair scenes, although the pregnancy storyline has also helped. Go DAIR.


You guys never fail to crack me up! Great Round Table!

1. I agree with Christina on this one. Chuck's Derena jabs were GOLD especially this one: "Unlike Serena when I rejected you, I meant it."

2. Too soon to tell. Though watching pregnant Blair scramble was entertaining and Dorota and Blair talking about pregnancies was hilarious.

3. A mix of both. I would say he is a loyal creeper. Dude doesn't give up. Suddenly he's up in everyone's business and gathering information to use later for his own selfish reasons. Or he's just in desperate need of friends and has no problem associating with people he used to hate. In any case, Dan stop following people around!!

4. Serena. Although I won't use that against her because she's a sweetheart and Charlie/Ivy is supposedly her cousin who's already on meds. Nate is a guy who thinks with other parts of his anatomy right now so he's got a perfect excuse to just go with the flow.

5. Diana of course! As is I would ever choose any member of the Grimaldi family. Anyone who shares the same blood with the Prince of All Things Boring needs to go back to Monaco and take him with them.

6. Charlie/Ivy. Why do we need another regular again? And if we do, does it really have to be her? I find Chuck's storyline very interesting and I'm looking forward to seeing how it's played out.

7. Rufus is trying to find a way to make me care about his character. I'm pretty sure he will fail so I can't wait to your Rufus Uselessness Scale. Lily is still redecorating only for us to come back and see her apartment looking exactly the same as we left it. It's the same thing with the show since S4. They say that they're trying new things to make the show more fun and enjoyable and though some aspects of it changed, it sucks even more.

It was a rather decent episode but it could definitely use some spark and emotion, the kind that only some Chuck and Blair interaction can provide.


1. Three words, ten letters. Chuck's "I'll help you." to Dan. Never thought I'd see the day. How desperate does that make Chuck?
2. Pregnant Bleh = awful plot twist. After summer hiatus, I forgot the fake french accents make 'Blair' sound like 'Bleh' until Louis did it last night.
3. I think Dan's right in the gray area between loyal and creeper. As long as nobody knew about the book, he was loyal. But now that it's out there, CREEPER!
4. Serena! She's is being duped by a fake relative she clearly hadn't seen in years or she'd know Charl-Ivy's a fake. I don't care how disfunctional a family is. You should know your first cousins by sight and recognize them and their imposters.
5. I'm going to choose Beatrice if only because she's a really good look-alike for a real Monegasque royal, Chorlotte Casiraghi. And she's hooking up with the "priest". That's never good!
6. It's a toss up here. Chuck and Blair have broken up so many times that I find it hard to believe that Chuck giving his blessing to Bleh's marriage to Louis was such a traumatic event that it left him unable to feel pain. On the other hand, if we're going to be stuck with a poor girl pretending to be a rich girl on the UES, I'd rather have Juliet than Charl-Ivy. Juliet had better resources, was prettier, and the actress playing her was a better actress.
7. I totally forgot there were parents still on the show! Is there a point to having Lilly & Rufus around? Will they be the new Uselessness Scale?

Overall, I think it was a weak episode compared to the season premiere.


Pregnant Blair: Entertaining scandal or awful plot twist?
It could go either way, too soon to tell. I agree that it has the potential to end badly...I really do not want a miscarriage but I don't know if Mommy!Blair is going to be believable.

Dan: Loyal friend or boring creeper?
Loyal friend but also slightly creeper. I think Dan's attraction to Blair one of the more interesting aspects of the show, so I'm hoping even if it doesn't develop into anything more that the friendship aspect stays.

More gullible: Nate or Serena?
Hmmmm. Both should suspect something is up, but I feel Serena should at least be slightly suss as she knows the 'Charlie' has been on meds and is acting strangely.

Better villain: Beatrice or Diana?
I think both are going to be great, I'm keen to see what Diana gets up to.

Harder to believe: Chuck's inability to feel pain, or Charlie/Ivy ... in general.
Fail, serious fail on both counts. I only accept the ridiculousness because it's GG.


Roundatabe epic as always. You guys actually get (and mock) what the writers are telling us, good or ridiculous.

@M Blair's having Chuck's baby, so you are seriously trying to tell me their over? Do you not watch tv on a regular basis at all? DB is a friendship,Blair's not into him. She picked dead french fry Louis over him.Get real. Also, Chair said their "goodbyes" check the title on the episode- The "Wrong Goodbye". Not good for you.


Loved this roundtable! You guys are great!

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