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I am always more convincted that this show is successful because of the acting ability of Leighton and Ed Westwick. It is because of their skills as actors that the two characters (Blair and Chuck) really have emerged vs.the others and gave to the show a strong personality to be successful worldwide. Can't comment on the inexpressiveness of Chace Crawford and the insipidity of Blake Lively as actress (at least in this show). Penn is quite good. The rest of the cast are just extras. I also agree on preferring the acting skills of the one who played juliet vs the meaningless of the one who played Charly/Ivy.


* reveals Blair missteps


I think it's really sad/funny that there are those who is so hang up on Dan's phrase "last year I thought you had changed". But none of the Chair fans have mentioned Chuck's phrase when he purposely and deliberately tells Dan that he had sex with Blair just to hurt him. And at the same time Blair reveals missteps.... the so-called "the love of his life". And those who have brought it up thought he was just cool....... Morons


@ PTY Ross was at least likeable, Chuck is NOT likeable.... never was never will


Why are all the writers so boring?!
Seriously, I used to laugh out loud SO much when i read the round table, snarky, funny, intelligent. Now it's just so.... plain Humphrey! This is a major let down.
You should invest in better writers.


What was your favorite quote from the episode?
Blair: Everything comes out of Dorota's mouth. Really. That woman is my favorite character in GG now!

Pregnant Blair: Entertaining scandal or awful plot twist?
Awful plot twist. Like I said, making one of the main leads pregnant is a big step for GG. Let's hope it succeed in executing that twist.

Dan: Loyal friend or boring creeper?
Boring creeper. Seriously, Dan. Lose that hairstyle! And that goatee mess and I may look at you differently.

More gullible: Nate or Serena?
Nate! Is he trying to ruin his family just for sex? Lame. Serena, on the other hand, is just being "Serena".

Better villain: Beatrice or Diana?
Beatrice for character. Diana for plot twist.

Harder to believe: Chuck's inability to feel pain, or Charlie/Ivy ... in general.
Charlie/Ivy in general. Yeah. I'm gonna jump into the boat and question the decision in making her the series regular.

What do you think Rufus and Lily were up to?
Gossip Girl Marathon from Season 1 to reminisce their past glory days when they actually have storyline and lots of screen time.


@ S: well, in the same way you find hard to believe we can still hope for CB after everything, I find it hard to put any faith in Dair after stuffs like Dan casually pointing out to Blair in the ladies bathroom scene that "last year he thought she had changed" when he was calling her out on her behaviour (a phrase -or an idea- he used with Serena in past seasons). About the idea that romantic TV couples can outgrowth each other, I wonder how that would have worked for Ross and Rachel in Friends. They kept us in our toes with that couple for 10 YEARS, pretty much until the last second of the final season. Would have been better if Rachel had ended up with Joey? You think that would have boded well with the millions of fans that waited during 10 years for their favorite couple to finally be united in a definitive way? Just saying.


haha, google "NancyDrew37" and klick on her channel on youtube.
Her review of "Beauty and the Feast" is priceless LOL


I don't know what Louis is on that makes him so blind to the harsh reality of what's going on around him but I want some of that too!


@ Carrie + pty

Brace yourselves, this is probably what's going to happen:

Blair WILL get back together with Chuck at some point after he matures and is ready when he learns she is pregnant.
BUT they won't last because they will realise that without all their games and manipulations they have outgrown each other.
Blair will then realise she is in love with Dan.

I'm not sure exactly how and when this will all happen but I really think the writers are working in that direction.
Its a classic scenario that happens a lot in TV and film and makes marshmallows out of all of us.

I really doubt the writers would have Dan be that much in love with blair and it lead nowhere.
Also, friends or not, Blair seems to be very much enjoying Dan!

Chair were great (before S3) but they really have run their course. Chair endgame would be the worst kind of predictable and the writers know this.

But hell, what do i know?? I thought they would never make Blair pregnant!!
So please ignore me and go back to believing that Chair is still relevant and interesting...

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