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The prince brings out the narcoleptic in me. Can't stand his boringness. Chuck has to be the father.. Hope writers won't disappoint me..


aaawww poor chuck got his feeling back in the end scene captured by the one tear :' . #teamchair just the intensity of the rooom when blair and chuck was talking! how can that be separated forever! i think blair was not totally honest and is hiding something, like the baby if chucks. loving the season thous far n excepting to get more intense n eye grapping. O.O


I'm not sure about that. I think you can't discard all that happened in the previous seasons and just say that season 4 was where it started. Although that moment was for Serena, they still sort of connected. It doesn't mean it meant nothing to either of them.
Furthermore, I disagree with the fact that Dan should just remain a friend because he's been getting it on with every girl. Dan has changed a lot from season 1 and so has Blair. He's less prejudiced and less arrogant about being different. Since we're dealing with a different Dan and Blair, to me it's not going to be ridiculous if they ever end up a couple.
And both have been misused by their former partners a.k.a Serena and Chuck which I think is a step that has decidedly made them change in the way they view a relationship.
Of course that is just my opinion and you are free to yours. I agree Dan and Blair make an amazing friendship to see. It's a little why I want it to develop because to me, it feels good and healthy.


OMG, you people! HOW COULD DAN BE THE FATHER??????????


Here's a thought ...do we really think Blair would tell anyone if she found out it was really Chuck's? Maybe she just wanted to know so she could know. Lying about it just keeps her secret more secret. I still think it is Chuck's baby. Why was the pregnancy test BEFORE Blair went away for the summer?


Everyone who is busy cursing out the writers--lighten up. We have most of the season to go, yet--and none of us know what the writers are going to do, so just anticipate (if not enjoy) the ride to the end :)

Dan and Blair--amazing friendship
Blair and Chuck--endgame. Just think of this season as part of the journey to that end.

Baby Waldorf--she lied to Chuck, but the baby won't make it to term, so it's just a plot-device, at this point. She will never marry Louis.

Charlie--so even CeCe doesn't realize that she's not a blood relative. Wow. What has happened to the 'real' Charlie? Did Carol give her up for adoption, without telling anyone? She could have--no one in the family apparently recognizes her, anyway. No matter, the real Charlie will come out of the shadows, soon enough...

Ivy (Ivey?) and Max--they aren't finished, just yet. I think he's going to come to NY to look for her--and fall for Serena :P


The baby is Chuck's. it has to be. Otherwise it means GG is not worth watching. And I still think Blair is lying. She just doesn't want to lose her damn fairytale. This is Blair's IP.Ä°ts so cruel to keep the baby as a secret from the real father.


Aww Blair and Chuck.So sad and sweet. Love them.


the one comment mentioning Matt being Benjamin Button is spot on! dammit he's the sexioest male on gg. Chuck is nothing compared to him.



Ahahaha, I likeee you! CHAIR ALL THE WAY.
May I say that, that scene with Chuck and the dog. PRICELESS.
How can you not love Chuck?

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