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Yay for Derena! Who cares if they are siblings, it's a TV show. From the beginning I've wanted Chair and Derena. As for Nate he should actually end up with nobody. It would definately be more realistic that way. He can't settle down for any one girl so I don't think he ever will. If you compare the way he has "loved" girls to the way Chuck loves Blair it's totally different. Nate has never loved anyone but himself.


Not a big Fan of Derena was glad when they broke up, so if the writers bring them back together I just don't think I could watch it. I am a HUGE Dair fan and honestly i never thought would be but Dan and Blair would make a great couple, both from different worlds i think it would be amazing. My whole idea about Diana i think she may be Chucks mother, that she did not die in the fire, she is back for revenge on the upper east side and will do anything to get it, i think it would be a great story for Chuck to find out his mother is still alive...


@QueenNOBS: Thank you! Today was awful until now, because I managed to see something on the cell phone but I didn't know what was going on and it was driving me crazy, not that the promo is not driving me crazy now.

@Maribellis: I have heard about that. Also, I have another non USA precedent, the argentinian telenovela Muñeca Brava? Go check it out, and it was a success in countries like Israel, Rumania, in South East countries, etc.

@ Uncle Jackass: I think you are on the money, which is rather unfortunate for me because it doesn't help DS romantically. I think they will sorta work together in the movie, that as per the Canadian Promo is in peril, if it happens at all, and then Serena gets involved with Max and who knows how that's gonna go.


Btw, for all the people complaining about the step-sibling situation, did you ever watch Clueless?


For the people who are wondering if it was diana in the picture yes it definatly is. I'm from the uk and thats what elizabeth hurley looked like in the late 90's early 2000's in austin powers movie. I don't know if you guys have seen it but if you have you'll know its her.:) finally her storyline is becoming a little bit interesting!


DERENA? Does it not bother ANYONE that they are step brother and sister? Doesn't bother anyone at all? I took yesterday's episode as....Serena realizes Derena was just puppy love....and Blair might actually want to read the book now.


I miss Dan and Serena great, so I'd LOVE to see them back. DS/CB is how I want the show to end.


After rewatching the episode again, I not too sold on whether Derena is getting back together. It might have been implied that they decided to work together on the screen-play by the end of the episode.

From future spoilers from Ausiello we are pretty sure there is a Derena kiss in the next "I AM Number 9" episode. But I heard rumors and seen the late night spoiler pics ("Big Sleep No More") showing 'Max' and Serena interacting with each other. It's therefore possible that the Derena kiss in the previous kiss might be the signal to the end of the Derena relationship. This is how things go in the GG universe.


I don't understand why people are moaning about the idea of dan and serena getting back together again when the way I see it is the dan/serena and chuck/blair pairings were the reason why most people watched the show in series 1,2, and 3. Also they're NOT blood related and there has not been a mention of this brother of theirs since series 3. I also find them a LOT more interesting than serena and nate and even though I loved dan and blair for a while, I cant see that relationship turning out to be anything more than friends so yeah dan and serena and chuck and blair can happen all over again for me!


I don't think Dan and Serena will be boring. I think the long time apart was good for them and they will be fresh and new again, so long as they've grown past their mistakes. It'll be like Darena 2.0! As far as the incestey vibe, they were together before Rufus and Lily became a couple and they're not blood related. The only thing weird is that they share a sibling (who has conveniently vanished from the show) but hey, it happens I guess. The important thing is that they were together before they knew about their parents. And they're in love. I'd like to see any Chair fans stop shipping Chair if they found out they shared a sibling.

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