Gossip Girl Canadian Promo: Louis Fights Back!

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Wow. Who knew Louis had a little bit of Blair in him?

The CW's Gossip Girl promo for November 7 offered some fun clips of Blair bossing around potential bridesmaids, but largely ignored the burning questions we were left with after last night's episode.

The Canadian promo, however, delves right in ...

If this 30-second teaser for "I Am Number Nine" is any indication:

  • Chuck and Blair come face to face in what looks like a crucial scene.
  • Louis wants Eliza Barnes to help him eliminate Chuck as a threat.
  • Louis found the paternity test (which we knew).
  • Dan's big movie deal hits a snag.
  • Nate and Ivy make out. Sigh.

Sound off on these Gossip Girl developments below ...

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@magnus and Amie u mad because dair is not happening? @Alice your ready for dair? to bad there not happening


@SerinaJaneloon Yeah!! GO Dan!! D + B=




@Magnus- I don't know if you've ever said a thing you didn't mean before because if you did, you would know that people do things out of the spur of the moment and can't be judged solely based on something they said a billion years ago before they made substantial growth as an individual. Chuck was depressed that he had lost his best friend, Nate and immediately placed the blame on Blair subconsciously in order to avoid facing the sad story that was himself, but fast-forward to the season finale of season 1 and you have Chuck telling Nate that he was in love with Blair and didn't know what to do about it because he had never felt those feelings before. Since then (which is what really matters), Chuck has always placed Blair on a pedestal and has done numerous things to boost her self-confidence. Yes, the hotel and Jenny BS did happen, but they were bound to hit some rough patches because Chuck never truly allowed himself to be happy. He was a work in progress and now he's finally getting the much overdue help for his deep-rooted insecurities. So before you pull a muscle trying to quote ancient history, know that we wouldn't be human if we didn't make mistakes. Learn from it. Life goes on.


Mmm interesting well I hope Louis and Chuck fight against each other and throw one-another out of the game of winning Blair and as the lucky 3rd Dan will step up.
Blair: what if i loose everything? Dan: then you still have me


chuck and blair! return of the engagement ring! oh, this looks too delicious.


ITA!! @Magnus
STFU! Keep on drinking your Haterade....


Ok, seriously stop. On a side note, I'm dying after this promo, GG is going to be bad for my nerves. Back to the point, I don't know if what Louis is doing can be called fight back. I think it's more like make sure he gets the return on his investments. With this I have no idea whether the kid is Louis or not. I find idiotic to do this if the kid is yours, because all he has to do is confront Blair and demand explanations for the paternity test. But if the kid is not his it's even more idiotic because this was the guy that wanted nothing to do with her after Dan's book, so why stick around with a cheating fiancee that is not carrying your child? Unless of course that he wants to save face, and not be the laughing stock of the world and/or his family, so maybe that's his reason for doing all this. After confronting his mother and who knows what else for Blair, he can't have the threat of her going back to Chuck if Chucks becomes a better person, Louis has invested too much in this relationship to loose it. Unfortunately this approach means Louis is turning into the dark side, with the risk of turning out worst than the original players in it (Chuck and Blair). Whether he's justified or not to attack Chuck because he was cheated on, well let's say that it takes 2 to tango and that on that premise he should attack Blair too, because she was the most important part in the cheating ecuation. Which makes all the more ludicrious to see Louis doing this while he knows that he's not the kid's father, and the only justification that I could find for this is an attempt to save face like I said. Which also proves he was never that perfect in the first place because then he is proud (which we can argue endlessly if it's good or bad) but also that he has vanity (which is no good). All I want from his scene with Blair is that he says what he read in the paternity test, but knowing GG they are capable of creating all this big fuzz of a scene and at the end of the episode we still don't know, which would be utterly unrealistic. The other thing is, that if we are going to start quoting all the bad thing characters have said to each other since season 1, two can play this game. I can quote Blair, Dan, and everyone else for that matter, and what I don't remember I will look for it on the Internet. So this argument of who said what hurtful thing to who is pointless, but if you wanna play, bring it on.


good to Blair and he is willing to let his kingdom go for Blair. He is a good guy. I like seeing Blair pampered. I know CHAIR have chemistry; but so did Ike and Tina Turner.Chuck needs to have better control and learn to love himself and let people love him. He creates his own hell. He needs to learn to create paradise. He is adorable; but draining also. He was willing to wait for her and more and more than anything wants to trust her; but he knows that she has already given her heart to another. He wants to get rid of the competition. Can you really blame him?
I can see why he is fighting back. It is good to see he is willing to fight for Blair. He is a prince he should want and know how to get his way. Let the war begin. I am happy to see both Louis and Chuck are willing to fight for Blair. That is primal. Blair is worth it.
Louis family is actually crazier than the UES. That is a hard family to marry into.
I believe that most of us are Chair or Dair fans so in our minds we just do not want it to work for Blair and another guy. I am Chair fan but I do not want to see Blair with Chair until he becomes a better person. He is not good to himself. He really needs to change. If losing Blair will help him get there it is better that he loses her for now.
I love Dair but I hope they never become intimate. I believe that they understand each other very well and have deep bond. It is hard to have a friend of the opposite sex you have that relationship with. Dan is able to see Blair for who she is and not the screens she puts up and that is why he cares for her. I think she cares for him also, just not as a lover.
I liked the Dan and Serena love story in the beginning. Then they became siblings and share a brother. I also did not like the way Serena treated Dan towards the end. It seems she lacks the ability to empathized. She toiled with Dan and Nate like puppets. It was always about her. She can truly be very selfish. Up until then it would have been said if Dan refereed to Serena as the love of his life.


Omg my thoughts exactly! I mean were people sleeping when Chuck and Blair had that Bar Mitzvah scene?
Probably not because Chair fans love it.
If Louis suspects anything, he is perfectly entitled to that! The man was cheated on!