Gossip Girl Canadian Promo: Louis Fights Back!

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Wow. Who knew Louis had a little bit of Blair in him?

The CW's Gossip Girl promo for November 7 offered some fun clips of Blair bossing around potential bridesmaids, but largely ignored the burning questions we were left with after last night's episode.

The Canadian promo, however, delves right in ...

If this 30-second teaser for "I Am Number Nine" is any indication:

  • Chuck and Blair come face to face in what looks like a crucial scene.
  • Louis wants Eliza Barnes to help him eliminate Chuck as a threat.
  • Louis found the paternity test (which we knew).
  • Dan's big movie deal hits a snag.
  • Nate and Ivy make out. Sigh.

Sound off on these Gossip Girl developments below ...

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Chair fans say they want Blair to be happy but they don't because if they did then they would want her with Dan because he makes her happy. Dan has always been there for Blair and supports her goals and dreams. Chuck doesn't because he always hated her. I think Jenny or vannesa would of been a good match for him but not Blair or maybe he can get with ivy.


@lancer chuck does not love Blair. Dan wants Blair to be happy unlike chuck. Dan is a good guy. Chuck is asshole who only wants Blair when she wants to have sex. Chair relationship is just lust and no love. Dan accepts blair's flaws and all and understands her. Chuck never did understand Blair he always made her feel weak.


Louis has a right to be angry at both Chuck and Blair but Blair was/is the one committed to Louis, not Chuck! So what he should do is have a talk with Blair. NO he is NOT entitled to go sabotage Chuck's therapy and NO, if this happened to me in real life, I wouldn't focus all my anger on the person that my fiancee cheated with. I would simply dump my cheating spouse and throw her ex lover the finger or something. Love Blair but why is she the only character that some fans think should never be held culpable for her decisions? Whereas some fans feel Chuck and Serena are held responsible for not only their mistakes, but others as well? Just because they're jerks doesn't mean the people they dated aren't prone to jerkiness themselves. Promo is interesting but worrying too. So they're going to throw Chuck's development to the wind so he can be sabotaged yet again? I hope not! I love when people write out the portmanteau of their favorite ship and follow it up with 10 explanation points. Canada is awesome.


2 Ecog! Exactly plus she's lookin very haggard this season. I guess its all the stress plus the pregnancy, yep that would be it, but I still think they still need to adrress the child MORE then just a THING to be fought over :/


@chairsucks People like you are the reason why people hate on so many Dair fans. You come in here to make baseless comments out of thin air and resort to calling people "delsional" when you have not rationalized your opinion (and obviously can't respect how other people feel). So before you want to come back in here and bash anyone else, seriously bring the beef or go home.


@pipp- I know, Leighton is so drop-dead gorgeous she can pull off anything, but Blair doesn't dress like Blair anymore, if that even makes sense. Season 4 was epic in terms of her personal style, for me. This season has definitely ha it's ups and downs, I just think that yellow outfit with the hat...... Honestly, I'm speechless. It's really unflattering an makes me feel like they're purposely dressing her in bright colored outfits that match from head to toe. And Jesus Christ, they needs to stop with the fascinators and go back to headbands. I get that she's marrying a euro prince, but it just comes off as trying too hard instead of Blair's usual effortless style. Anyways, sorry about the rant. I love Leighton and GG! And I miss my Chair (although I like that they still match all the time, you can separate them, but you can't tame their connection!)


Why would Dair happen? Blair is obviously going to end up with whoever the father of her baby is. Hopefully it's Chuck - not because I'm a serious Chair fan, but because I'm a serious Louis hater. He's too girly.


turn chuck back into the monster he was ?! uuuuuh louis! finally he does something exciting! can't wait! ps WHAT in the world is up with blairs styling this season?!


I'm sorry but GG w/o chuck and blair is dry,dull and boring.Their characters make the show intresting and them being together make the show hot.I'm being honest not hating nor picking a fight.Dan can never be another person but dan and blair can never be another person but blair and the only one that can keep up w her is chuck I'm being honest.Say they don't end up together whenever they see each other there will be tension and longing,they have a piece of each other no matter what.I just see chuck and blair as a couple and not anything else.


lmfao chair fans think chair is endgame? they are delsional. dair ftw!!