Gossip Girl Canadian Promo: Louis Fights Back!

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Wow. Who knew Louis had a little bit of Blair in him?

The CW's Gossip Girl promo for November 7 offered some fun clips of Blair bossing around potential bridesmaids, but largely ignored the burning questions we were left with after last night's episode.

The Canadian promo, however, delves right in ...

If this 30-second teaser for "I Am Number Nine" is any indication:

  • Chuck and Blair come face to face in what looks like a crucial scene.
  • Louis wants Eliza Barnes to help him eliminate Chuck as a threat.
  • Louis found the paternity test (which we knew).
  • Dan's big movie deal hits a snag.
  • Nate and Ivy make out. Sigh.

Sound off on these Gossip Girl developments below ...

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This promo worries me because I am starting to think the baby is Louis's and not Chucks (shame!) because he finds the test, and he wouldn't stay around if it was his cause he did try and break up with Blair when he thought her and Dan had sex according to the book, and I think this much bigger and he also tells Blair he found the results, so that means she would know that he knows and I am sure she wouldn't stay with him either if he knew it was Chucks. As much as I want it to be chucks, i've seen filming photos and Louis is still on set and you can still see an engagement ring on her finger up until last week with all the photos she has her hands in her pockets or tucked in, but louis sister is in the scenes.. just makes me wonder whats happening?


@kendallF just saying the obvious! But yes, I like Blair & Dan! @Sparrow I understand what you're saying, but he could have chosen a less hurtful phrase to Blair. It's basically common sense and there's no excuses for that @G LOL Moron!


I find it hard to believe that the therapist it going to take money or do what Louis asked. If she didn't fall for Chuck and his bs lines, I doubt that Louis can make her break her moral codes. Doesn't really make sense!


What Lancer said. @ R: thanks for the explanation, it was a bit confusing for a moment there.


Go Chucky go!


also a tad annoyed that someone wrote as my name? so that was not me that was inlove with dair. just wanted to clarify that I haven't jumped 'ships' lol


@chairsucks that is honestly the worst comments I've ever read from a dair fan. although i hope for chair, I admire the depth and understanding alot of the dair fans have for the show. but that was just ridiculous. It doesn't even sound like they've seen the show. just WOW. how one sided some people can be


I loved Derena in the last episode ,one more reason for not wanting Dan and Blair together, Derena and Chair is what made the first season and I still think it was the best one. "If two people are meant to be together eventually they'll find their way back" that quote to me shows where the writers have their heads, and hearts:)


@chairsucks. I don't even think I need to explain myself here. There are soooo many things wrong with what you just said. Everything contradicts what actually happened on the show. Wow. Not even gonna waste my time. You need to get your facts straight. The fact that you call yourself a Dair shipper is a huge disservice to all the legitimate Dair shippers out there.


chuck took advantage of Blair in 4x22. He knew that he was gonna break up with her after he had sex with her because that's all he wants from Blair.

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