Fox Sets Terra Nova Finale Date

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Terra Nova will conclude its first season run the same way it started: with a two-hour episode on December 19.

The only questioning remaining, considering the show hasn't been able to break 10 million viewers per week and is one of the most expensive on television to produce, is whether or not this will be a series finale or just a season finale. Our money is on the former.

Fox has also announced another expanded installment of The X Factor next week, along with the sad news that New Girl will not return until November 1. Until then, you can at least crack yourself up via our section of New Girl quotes.

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Terra Nova is my favorite show since Heroes. I was extreamly upset when that was cancelled and wanted to boycot Fox. If they take Terra Nova off, I'll stop watching Fox altogether! It's not worth it to get your hopes up to get let down again.


stop taking good shows off the air. You cant just count who watchs the show on tv people do watch it on their computer or phone. Why air good show and then cancel it!!


Terra Nova is a great TV series why ruin a good thing. I'm tried of all these cop shows. Please let Terra Nova keep going.


If you all think you can make a better show than Tera Nova,stop bitching and make one. I found the show very good and the effects where godd. The casting i liked and it's a pitty FOX is ran by a bunch of fuck wits. This is another show thats really good,just like FIREFLY. I say sack every money hungry fox looser and employ new people.


Blow up Terra nova.. Sry seemed to be considered as the Most awaited show of 2011, but its the worst scripted show... ! ITS LIKE PRETTY GOLD CONCEPT AND EXECUTED ILL
get sumthn btr..! BUT NO TerrNOVA...
EVERY EPISODE.. Story was well scripted.. CAST PRETTY WELL BUT ON THE EDGE.. And graphics and animation.. Screwd.. WHY CUDNT THEY SUM BETTR GRAPHICs.."IF ITS THE MOST EXPENSIVE SERIAL ON TV".. Dats ma perception.. Neways TERRANOVA.. Haven't aint sunked but a not a winner, Hangin on the thread.


From the few reviews I have read here I would say most people that have watched Terra enjoy it. I enjoy it. I hope like crazy that they decide to keep it. I am with the one poster that I sometimes watch TV for an hour to escape reality for an hour. I have read else where that the science is bad on Terra Nova...well no kidding it's Science FICTION. They don't have to hit the mark they have to ENTERTAIN. Just like Barney the purple dinosaur. Also, to be honest I think they completely missed when they said 60 million years ago...I think man has always lived with dinosaurs and the earth is only a few thousand years old. But it doesn't matter what I think or if the writers got it wrong...its a TV SHOW and it ENTERTAINS me.... So FOX...get your dinosaur on with your 65 million year old t-rex....and lets have some good TV. BTW I don't care if you use puppets, robots, or CGI....they don't have to be if we can save production cost by using crayons and keep the show on...lets do it!!!


I really enjoy watching Terra Nova. The reality shows that are on now are just plain stupid. Personally I like to watch shows that let me escape from everyday pressures if only for an hour. This show could bring about some new inventions like Star Trek inspired such as cell phones. We really need to give shows a chance.


I agree with all of you - this is a great show. It's a great mix of scifi and family. I'm not interested in "Reality" shows either. Please....what little tv watching I do is for pleasure, and I'm very selective about what I will use my time watching.


If they do not renew Terra Nava then Fox should just shut down. They have nothing good on Fox any more except for Terra Nova. So you people at Fox should pack your bags and take a hike. Renew Terra Nova for a second season. And make it a longer season.