Family Guy Review: "Seahorse Seashell Party"

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Thanks to American Dad's triple cross-over with Family Guy and The Cleveland Show for its hurricane-themed episode this week, I was excited to see what the former would do with "Seahorse Seashell Party."

Although I knew that the episode was going to be a normal installment, I still harbored some hope that other characters from the of Seth MacFarlane would make an appearance.  Alas, it was not to be, and the half hour felt quite disjointed as a result.

High Brian

With Quahog besieged by the hurricane, Brian ate some shrooms while Meg decided to finally stand up for herself. Brian’s storyline would have been far more interesting if Stewie had digested some shrooms, too. Instead, Brian’s disgusting trip down the drug-induced rabbit hole ended up with Stewie stitching his dog’s ears back up and soothing him as he came down from his high.

The second plotline involved Meg laying into her family about her constant mistreatment. Was it a long time coming? Heck, yes. Was it eloquent? Yes. Was it contrived and uninteresting? Yes. 

While Meg has always been an undeveloped character and the Griffin family’s punching bag, it made no sense for her to confront her family so suddenly. Her speech almost made too much sense to make an impact at all. 

Although it was gratifying to see the family collapse under her attacks, Meg’s “epiphany” that she was the lightning rod for negativity also felt contrived. Why should Meg go back to being exactly as she was? It would be far more interesting to see Family Guy deal with the consequences of their actions towards Meg and move forward. Status quo can be boring.

There was one shining fourth wall moment that made the sitcom priceless tonight, however, saving the show. "Stewie Just Said That" was trending on Twitter just as Stewie announced that it was trending on Twitter! You are a true Internet star, Stewie Griffin. And, with that, enjoy these Family Guy quotes from the episode!


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Anybody hate The Cleveland Show?Because its boring,stupid,unfunny,and not very black and nobody even likes this show, so its pointless


Zane...dude, I accept your apology. Thank you. I appreciate it. Take care.


Look Jaybird im sorry for calling you stupid.


Zane, dude, let me tell you something...I am NOT stupid!!!!! Also, I'm gonna tell you the main reason or whatever as to why I think that Seth MacFarlane is a creative genius...remember, Seth has kept Family Guy going and going for A LOT of seasons. To me, that's BEYOND IMPRESSIVE!!!!! Furthermore, Seth himself does at least 3 voices on the show (Brian, Peter and Stewie). Remember that. Peace-Out.


Jaybird369 I have to admit I did like the part where meg finally stood up to her family,that was good,but the ending was just SHIT.


Jaybird369 you are so stupid.This episode was just SHIT.Why the hell does Meg say sorry to her family at the end of the episode,especially when she never even did anything wrong.That was just stupid.Seth Macfarlane is only half genius and half DUMBASS.If anybody should be saying sorry,I say it should be Lois because she's been a complete asshole in the new family guy for no reason and never even says sorry.It would have been a great episode if Peter,Lois and Chris finally realized that they were wrong and they went back to their old ways from seasons 1 and 2.But noooooooooo,they had to show Meg acting like such a useless dumbass and saying sorry for stuff that she did'nt even do and deserve.I give this episode zero/0 stars.


The recent Family Guy episode "Seahorse Seashell Party" was (as Family Guy ALWAYS IS) HILARIOUS!!! My favorite part was when Meg FINALLY stood up for herself!!! F.Y.I....Mila Kunis ROCKS!!! HOLLA!!! After this episode, Meg NEEDS to stand up for herself A LOT MORE!!! Also, Brian (my all-time FAVORITE character on the show) doing those mushrooms or whatever was BEYOND HILARIOUS!!! It would have been EVEN FUNNIER if the whole and entire Griffin family would have joined Brian and did those mushrooms or whatever themselves. Another F.Y.I...Stewie is my other FAVORITE character!!! Seth are such a CREATIVE GENIUS!!! Dude, in more ways than one, you DA' MAN!!! Again...HOLLA!!! Seth, as always, keep up the VERY EXCELLENT work!!! FAMILY GUY ROCKS!!!!!


I honestly am done with Family Guy because of this episode. The reset to status quo was done in such a way as to rationalize the outright psychological abuse of a child for the "good of a family". It was more than I could stomach and I turned off my hulu subscription and will not be watching it on TV. I'm out. It once was fun, but now... nope, I'm out. Will not watch again.


Let me say one thing about this show, it's messed up. But in a funny way, i do get the point of this episode though. yes it has it's points were it gets funny, just because it adds some serious points does not mean it 'sucks'. i must say, Meg is my third favorite character (Stewie first, then Brian). I think Seth Macfarlene symbolizes Meg as the teenage adolescent girl that most people feel like. Most people see the teenage girl as a complex individual,and Meg brings that to perspective. From her dysfunctional family, she is the abused outcast. Yes at times it seems very funny,but no person can really take that frontal abuse. Meg expresses herself as a mature, individual who can take any abuse that is throw to her & until now she hasn't really talked back. In all she tells the justified truth about other characters, she finally has a voice. she can be a deep person, but expresses in a beyond level. So thank you Seth Macfarlene, for an inlightning episode.


Gads the last post was bad. Anyway. Agree wholeheartedly with review, save for the bit on it 'making nose sense' for Meg to blow up. Personally I think it did... sort of... based off the fact that with them all locked in a house together, someone was bound to start of fight. However, at the same time it did feel forced.

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Omg, everyone's already tweeting "Stewie Just Said That."