Family Guy Review: "Seahorse Seashell Party"

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Thanks to American Dad's triple cross-over with Family Guy and The Cleveland Show for its hurricane-themed episode this week, I was excited to see what the former would do with "Seahorse Seashell Party."

Although I knew that the episode was going to be a normal installment, I still harbored some hope that other characters from the of Seth MacFarlane would make an appearance.  Alas, it was not to be, and the half hour felt quite disjointed as a result.

High Brian

With Quahog besieged by the hurricane, Brian ate some shrooms while Meg decided to finally stand up for herself. Brian’s storyline would have been far more interesting if Stewie had digested some shrooms, too. Instead, Brian’s disgusting trip down the drug-induced rabbit hole ended up with Stewie stitching his dog’s ears back up and soothing him as he came down from his high.

The second plotline involved Meg laying into her family about her constant mistreatment. Was it a long time coming? Heck, yes. Was it eloquent? Yes. Was it contrived and uninteresting? Yes. 

While Meg has always been an undeveloped character and the Griffin family’s punching bag, it made no sense for her to confront her family so suddenly. Her speech almost made too much sense to make an impact at all. 

Although it was gratifying to see the family collapse under her attacks, Meg’s “epiphany” that she was the lightning rod for negativity also felt contrived. Why should Meg go back to being exactly as she was? It would be far more interesting to see Family Guy deal with the consequences of their actions towards Meg and move forward. Status quo can be boring.

There was one shining fourth wall moment that made the sitcom priceless tonight, however, saving the show. "Stewie Just Said That" was trending on Twitter just as Stewie announced that it was trending on Twitter! You are a true Internet star, Stewie Griffin. And, with that, enjoy these Family Guy quotes from the episode!


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I can't help but appreciate the vivid animations for the mushroom trip. Other than that, I felt like this episode strayed too far for comfort from "Family Guy"'s typical light heartedness. I enjoy shows that realistically depict pain, anger and drama between people, but when I go on Netflix craving "Family Guy", I'm usually looking for a laugh. It's not that I'm offended or anything. I just figured "Family Guy" as a straight comedy show and this one felt like it was almost... not. Maybe the writers made this episode kind of shitty just to laugh at our reactions. Whatever.


People need to chill out about this episode and the series in general. It's not real, so any mistreatment of Meg has absolutely no affect on her because she's a fictional character based on no one in particular. Except maybe it's a commentary about how society views girls who aren't pretty in general? Well who knows, ask Seth McFarlene. As for the shroom trip, well I think the shrooms were just a device to show how messed up Brian as a character is. Unrealistic? Maybe. Try giving a dog shrooms and see how he reacts (don't, obviously, but you get my point).


Seriously, this episode almost made me cry. I loved this show, right until the bits where they make fun of Meg. I remember everyone else laughing while I'm thinking... Why is this funny? She's not really an ugly girl as far as animation is concerned. She dresses modestly, has some curves and wears glasses. Big f***king whoop. She's being abused for cheap laughs. It's disgusting. And I'm disgusted that the writers made her go back to the way things were. She's a smart character. She could have left the abusive family and held her own. I'm glad they all cried. I liked that they suffered. I was hoping they would learn, and now they never will.


I honestly think this episode was one of the best episodes of Family Guy. It was a little depressing, sure, but it touched on a really important family issue that Meg faces, as well as Brian (being the two characters that are different from the rest of the family). Although Brian's shroom trip wasn't at all accurate, there were a few parts that I found funny. For instance, at the end, when Brian had dry mouth and his lips were curled... because THAT actually is a little accurate.


I think that if the characters didnt evolve as they have the show would for shit now. I think that some character growth was necessary to keep the plot from becoming boring.
On the other hand, some of the ways that Seth has gone about evolving them is poor in quality. I think that the whole evil Stewie thing would have gotten old, but I certainly prefer Stewie the evil genius over Stewie the flaming homosexual, but there should have been a comprimise, infusing Stewie's recent homosexual tendencies into the diabolical genius bent on world domination and matricide.
As for Lois, I definitely like the old Lois better. And again, comprimise, Lois is the most rational character, and it is sad to say but she has become a cynical bitch. I want the Lois who has a passion for singing, art, the piano, and being a caring mom back, but with that controversial, sexy, and riskay personality from later seasons.
Peter has definitely changed, but over all I still see the same Peter from early seasons, maybe he could just get a little less stupid, though.
Meg is complicated. I like the old Meg, but I like the new Meg. I wish she wasn't the butt of everyone's jokes, but with her being that way, we have seen a whole new side to her, blossoming with maturity that she never would have had if it wasn't for her struggles. As for her, I think she should just be the misunderstood daughter who just wants to fit in, but with the maturity that she has developed.
Chris has changed for the better because now he has some needed common sense, and has become a better person for it, and no longer the spitting image of his father.
Brian, I used to love him, I thought he was the voice of reason for the family. But lately, I agree more with Quagmire all the time.
Brian went from an intellectual anthropomorphic dog with a troubled past and a slight drinking problem to an atheistic, left-wing liberal, pothead and alcoholic who is completely boring, and is now a total asshole.


Wow! I think everyone needs to lighten up a bit. It's a TV show! Now with that said, the evolution of the characters is great. Really, how old would it have gotten with Stewie saying 'blast'?? Now he is one of the greatest characters of all time!!
As for this episode, when Meg is ripping into Peter, he just had this one simple smile the whole time. Hilarious!!!
Thank you for your time. :)


Seth Macfarlane is mentally fucking retarded.He is only making things even more worse and more people are only going to hate him even more


Dude just stop watching it if you don't like it... You guys are goin on and on about a Fucking cartoon.. I personally love all of macfarlane's work.. and its awesome to me how I got to watch them evolve... U guys are Fucking dumb.


Oh and another thing all that stuff Meg said was right what kind of parents treat their own child like crap? And people find this shit funny?SERIOUSLY?The whole world hating on a poor innocent character who didnt even do anything wrong?Especially a female?Thats even worse.Anybody who finds this funny is mentally fucking retarded.


Anybody who liked this episode is so fucking stupid

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