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Following an underwhelming episode, Community bounced back in the grandest of ways with "Remedial Chaos Theory," as Troy and Abed hosted an apartment warming party and we got to see seven different ways the night could've gone.

Due to a clever move by Abed, Jeff had no excuse to leave early for the fictional "Single Malt Platinum Boobs and Billionaires Club." Besides, who would want to go there when you could experience so many different timelines?!? Especially when there was a model of the boulder scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark in Troy and Abed's apartment?

Dapper Troy

Things that happened in every timeline included Pierce's need to tell everyone that he had sex with Eartha Kitt in an airplane bathroom; Shirley being obsessed with her baking; Britta wanting to sing Roxanne; Jeff hitting his head on the ceiling fan; and an ugly Norwegian troll terrorizing Troy.

I'm a huge Troy and Abed fan, so I really loved this episode. I felt that everyone was at their best and the different timelines gave us such a variety of situations; they offered something for everybody.

The result? Troy going to get the pizza resulted in the worst possible outcome with Pierce getting shot, Annie having a breakdown, Jeff losing an arm, and Shirley becoming a drunk. Abed leaving created the most honest timeline, but also resulted in everyone being unhappy. Jeff getting the pizza created the simplest, happiest timeline. So what does that say?

Weigh in with your thoughts on this week's hilarious and chaotic Community and hit the quote section for our favorite lines!


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At first I thought 'Remedial Chaos Theory' was going to be a weak episode. I couldn't see any fun in the group going to Troy and Abed's new apartment and just sitting around arguing again. But then the alternate timeline stuff started kicking in and it was a blast! I'll admit that I didn't like the first few timelines. To me they were a bit boring and typical of what we've been seeing so many times on the show now. Then dice timeline 1 came up and the insanity hit the fan (much like Jeff's head throughout most of the episode). That 'dark' timeline had me laughing more than any season three episode so far. Then dice timeline 5 was tossed which brought things back to a more normal level. At least with this one we get to see Annie a bit grossed out again with her attraction to Jeff, and Jeff also stops himself a little with the observation that Annie still uses bubblegum flavored lip gloss. Since I'm a Jeff/sane-Britta pairing fan, I hope these little things will continue to make Jeff and Annie realize the creepiness of their feelings for one another. (I know I'm probably in the minority about this, though.) The ending, though, was the best. After so many episodes of the group constantly bickering and slowly growing into such weird versions of their former selves, it was immensely refreshing to see them all normal, hanging out just as friends, laughing, and dancing around together. And to have Jeff come in with the pizza, watch them all get along, and continue to realize the special bond they all have was great too. Finally, the end credits tag scene was hilarious. Thank goodness the writers decided to go with the dark timeline to send the episode out with huge laughs! While I don't think this episode is a good as many of the other parody episodes, for me it is the best season three story so far.


Best episode ever. I loved all the moments in all the timelines. Jeff/Annie chemistry overload (hot or what?), genuine connection between Troy/Britta (liking it so far), some great lines for Shirley, Troy/Abed bromance. Troy & the evil troll. Every character got a chance to shine. It was fantastic. Can't wait to rewatch later.


i did realize she was high, it was obvious from the get-go and she said it. but ive been high a few times. [well a few more than a few but lets just keep that between You Me and Mr. McGee.] and ive never seen/done anything like that dance.
The bit with eating the pie was classic and totally britta being high...the stupid little dance not so much.
Also given all the weird songs/dances britt'a been doing lately; the weird dance a few eps back, the "hit me with your genies bottle," the "britta for the win," the "b!tch-free zone," ...etc. i def. think the little song/dance was more britta being britta then britta being high either way i still think they need to tone down britta's character and @Salta Yea i kinda figured that was the production order but i still dont know i feel about a call-back with something that just happened, wait a few episodes before you drop the call-back. but thats just my preference.


this was definitely up there with the classic Community episodes - so glad to see they haven't lost their touch. it just goes to show that all they need is the original group, and maybe an occasional appearance from the dean and chang - but lose all the extranneous guest stars. this episode did venture a bit into the over-analytical thing towards the end, which i am not liking, but otherwise it was absolutely hysterical. loved it!


Wow. Super clever and funny, even by Community's already high standards. And like Piecar said, even more impressive considering it was just another "bottle episode." Seriously, what other show could pull that off!? That said, did anyone else feel like they could have shaved a few seconds off the start of the alternate timelines? Even groundshog day felt a little tighter as each day reset... Though I apologize, it's certainly tough to criticize anything about that episode. Like the 38 people before me: 5/5.


*the Eartha Kitt reference. This episode is up there.


@george well, about britta's dance, maddie has already answered. About the Eartha Kitt, this week's episode was actually shot before "Competitive Ecology" but they decided to air "Competitive Ecology" first.


also we all know troy is a better leader of the group than jeff from last seasons bar episode when they all got drunk. i also think this ep shows jeff is the rotten apple out of the bunch. i hope annie moves in with troy and abed. that could be a better show than new girl.


love the way community has been paying homage to fringe and lost with the parallel universes and now the alternate timelines. this was a very smart episode and troy eating the popeye cig was classic. did jeff really hit his head that many times? ouch.


@george she was high. that's why she was dancing like that. and britta getting high is totally within her character. as annie says- britta, by your name it's obvious you're parents smoke pot

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Community Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Just so you know Jeff, you're not creating six different timelines.


Man, pizza guys are getting worse and worse looking. I guess all the good ones went into porn.