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You probably forgot about Dixon's storyline because it's very similar to Adrianna's. LOL.

And Navid's...Navid.


I forgot to comment about Dixon. And Navid. Oops.

Oh wait, it's because I'm not interested in their storylines either.

That's too harsh, I do like Dixon. But I won't very soon when he gets with Ade :S.


When Adrianna had shown up at Naomi's party, I was hoping for a confrontation. I know Naomi has her hands filled with Austin, but these two have not been shown in a scene together yet. I wanna see some drama!


God I hate Austin! Why would he have feelings for Naomi? That makes no sense. He's stalking her anyway! Naomi shouldn't have romantic feelings for Austin (want to hook up is another matter). Annie's story made no sense and she is being written stupidly like always (take a minor on an escorting job, sure!). Leila was entertaining for once. Silver moving out immediately on Navid was dumb. Navid is being written too stupidly. He can't go to the cops now but thinks that taking a cut and never going to the cops is better-it's not! Naomi and Ivy had a great scene. Nice to see Ivy involved in something. Liam/Adrianna would work better than Dixon/Adrianna.


The Teddy storyline doesn't interest me at all! His upcoming marriage is so forced: why not just have him join the army or something? I would believe that more than him marrying his, "summer sweetheart". Unless they somehow make it have sense: find a better way to boot him off.

And this Ivy and Raj thing is DEPRESSING. Will they make him get better? If he doesn't, will they set her up with the photographer from the episode before? I like them together... oh well.

Yay Naomi! I too like love/hate things but you're right this seemed forced. Also: when you find your girlfriend and a guy she hooked up with naked leaning in for a kiss: how stupid can you be to not think anything is going on? I thought Max was the smart one! I still like her with Austin though.

And Annie! Does she know how to say NO? Like really, stand up for yourself! That seventeen year old has balls though, so congrats to her asserting her independence? Also: Annie doesn't care about her rep, she will get expelled if she gets caught doing the escort service. Plus who would hire ANNIE? She isn't exactly the partying queen that you would pay for, but whatever.

Liam and the wife. Ah... lol they didn't carry out that storyline at all! Wonder if that's that: and if so, why even start it? Could have just left him with Annie.


Glad Jane has left, maybe now Liam can get back to normal and hopefully Annie.
Speaking of Annie, I really feel sorry for her. However, if you're desperate for cash, what you gonna do?
I'm glad Adrianna and Dixon are growing closer together. I can't wait for them two to get together. Addixon FTW!
Naomi and Max continue to be great, but the chemistry she has with Austin is just outstanding. I can feel the heat.
Silver and Navid were just DOWNRIGHT boring, however, towards the end was my favorite! Hopefully that was a legit breakup, as these two NEED to go and STAY gone!
I'm glad Teddy made an appearance this episode. His storyline is actually going somewhere promising. I look forward the amount of hostility that will come to the family.
Overall, the episode was good, not great as last week, but it was interesting. I look forward to next week! :D


Great episode 90210 this season is great for me so far and silver and navid or over already so this relationship that broke up ade and her friendship is just flunged away and I give props to Naomi for not ripping that cowboy hat off Austin's boxers and just getting down and dirty right there okay let me stop before I get carried away and navid sister needs to get tooken care of immediately but why did they need to have a eighteen year old babysit a 17 year old they are taking themselves to serious as guardians yall just finish being seniors this year but looking forward to the Annie storyline and ivy and Raj next week


As usual, Naomi's storyline was my favorite. And I totally agree that she was lying when she said she had no feelings for Austin and that Max is on his way out. But I know they have to drag it out so it doesn't get boring. It is also unrealistic to expect her to just believe Austin when he says he really cares about her. I hope they add more depth to their story so it doesn't burn out the way it did with Liam.

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