Two and a Half Men Review: "People Who Love Peepholes"

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So it's week two of Ashton Kutcher taking over for Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men - or Alan and Friends, as I like to affectionately call it. As of tonight, that is.

While Kutcher has grown on me slightly since last week (which isn't saying much) the show still just feels a little off.

Cleaning Up Walden

There were plenty of scenes in Men's previous eight seasons that did not feature Charlie, so I'm not even just blaming his absence. "People Who Love Peepholes" just didn't feel like Two and a Half Men. For example, take Berta.

I'm a huge Berta fan, but for some reason, they decided to give her a voiceover this week. When you're already going through such a huge change like swapping out your main star, do you really have to change up the format on us?

Tonight, we also met Walden's much talked about ex-girlfriend, Bridget, played by Judy Greer. I'm not convinced you're going to find a bigger Greer fan (just check my Facebook profile picture!), but I have to say... this casting just felt off.

Maybe I'm just getting cynical, but the ages feel out of whack on this show. Alan (Jon Cryer: 46) is now suddenly BFFs with Walden (Ashton Kutcher: 33), who used to date Bridget (Judy Greer: 36).

Yes, I realize Greer isn't much older than Kutcher, who's clearly no stranger to older women, but Hollywood always casts younger women and they've made me used to it. And Alan feels way too old to be hanging out with Peter Pan (though his house made me think much more MJ).

Before I offend too many people, I'm going to bring this review to a close. I'm glad the episode ended with Alan moving back into the Malibu beach house. We got that hurdle out of the way.

Now we just need to find a way to make Walen less idiotic and more likable. Then, we need to find a better form of comedic chemistry between Cryer and Kutcher.

There will never be perfect dynamic between the Harper brothers.  But we need to do a little better than tonight if this show is going to last more than the season.


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Bring back Charlie!!!! New show sucks. Ashton acts like a %$#




I said I wasn't going to watch second episode but I recorded it and looked at it later when I had nothing better to do. I was right: The new 2.5 men sucks!!!!!!!!!! Ashton has all the charisma of a wet noodle and he doesn't seem to have a funny bone. This attempt to go on without Charlie will crash and burn. Too bad, the supporting cast is outstanding but doesn't fit with Ashton. The old re-runs will make more money that this sad attempt to keep the show going. As far as I'm concerned, the produce had better swallow his pride and kiss Charlie on all four cheeks and beg him to come back. Otherwise, it will die a slow painful death until it gets cancelled.


Oh yeah, as far as replacements, they should have figured a way to get Bob Saget in there. He would have been a great foil to Cryer's neurotic Alan.


This show should be called Two and a Half Snores. How could a show that was so charming and likable become so boring and hard to watch. Maybe Charlie Sheen was right in being so egotistical. Without him, this comedy has become pathetic and tedious. It appears that Aston was was terrible replacement. The only jokes being about his looks, money and huge member are stupid and unfunny. He is totally one-dimensional, not that the characters had any depth, at least they had nuance. They lost me on the first show, but I gave the second one a chance, no better. Have they forgotten who their audience is? All the poor schmucks who feel a bit like Alan, and secretly wish they could be more like Charlie, if just a little bit.


The quality of tonight’s upcoming episode should determine if this cast & story line have any hope of surviving the season. Many new sitcoms are generally “love at first sight� while others take some time to grow on you. With today’s intelligent audience, the three strike rule is still America’s favorite way for advancing or going back to the bullpen. For me, tonight’s episode will decide if I will stay tuned to CBS at 8:00PMcst for the rest of season. I really hope Chuck Lorre supplied the 2.5 men writing staff with plenty of Red Bull & five-hour energy shots…


What Charlie did to his bosses was despicable. however, he and the cast had a Midas touch chemistry that you rarely find on TV. There should be a way for charlie to do his penance and return to the show under the condition that he straighten up as he has lost his cuteness and charm due to his drug habit. If he doesn't then he doesn't deserve to return and life will go on. As of now, my son can DVR the re-runs. If you keep Kutcher, then please get rid of the '70's character and do something smart with him. There's a hugggggeeee audience that wants this show to succeed.


I am glad to see that I gave the new show one season, but the more I read, the more I realize this show is done, unless Charley Sheen comes back from the dead. A good show went straight down the toilet. I hope anger management does great!


the new two and a half man is boring. The humour is different and not as good as when Charlie was there. Ashton vs Charlie? Charlie wins hands down. To think they are trying to get as many guest stars to get a good rating proves that Ashton cant replace Charlie. The only reason there were lots of viewers on the premiere is because people were curious to see how they were going to end Charlie's character. If it wasn't for the character of Alan, this new show would be extremely boring. BORING !!!! Bring Charlie back or Cancel the show.


When I tried to think of who could possibly replace Charlie Sheen, (with a similiar deadpan dry sense of humour, timing and truly unique personality), it was absolutely impossible to think of anyone could would even come close! Yes, Chuck Lorre has to swallow his stubborn pride! Didn't even watch this one, the reviews turned out as I expected- this show has had it!

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