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I love rebecca and stef too! I'm starting to really root for forwood and delena and I'm anti ship. I don't miss Bonnie at all.


i love stephan and rebecca together :)


1. Fave scene. I totally a sucker for Forwood. The scene where he puts the ring on her finger was great. And the scene when he was comforting her in bed. Soo sweet. Love these two.
2. He needs an army to defend himself against whoever was after him and Rebecca in the episode. And on the point of a bigger and badder villain in each season. I think that there has to be otherwise they'll be no more drama. And without the drama the show won't be the same.
3.I'm guessing he's related to him somehow. Whoever it was was after Rebecca too. So Maybe an Uncle. No idea really.
4. I'm sure the writers have a plan for Katherine just like they do for everyone else. Have they let us down yet. I think she's being used just fine for now. Right now the focus is where it should be on Stefan/Klaus and Damon/Elena with Tyler and Caroline as an accent. But I'd like more focus on Jeremy and his ghost girlfriends.
5.Perfectly understandable. He dad was torturing her. And her relationship with her dad was suppose to be better than with her mom. And now that she has her mom and lost her dad. It's gotta be hard. And also, keep in mind everything as a vampire is heightened.


Favorite scene: Bromance - "I forgot what it was like to have a brother" "Take a picture of me and my brother" I'd have picked a Caroline scene if her storyline wasn't rushed/given enough screentime. Next favorite scenes would be Caroline scenes, then Rebecca/Klaus and Rebecca/Stefan.

2. Insufficient info.
3. See above
4. Misused
5. Understandable or even under-reaction.


I love all the Caroline love. Caroline and Tyler, and Stefan, are my favorite characters. And seriously, how can crying be an overreaction when you are shot up with vervain by your boyfriend's mom, then wake up to find out your dad is a vampire killer who proceeds to TORTURE you!? I think I would cry for HOURS.


Yes, Kool speaks the truth. Elijah/Rebekah's father killed all of Klaus' immediate family on the werewolf side. And also, I do not believe that Esther or the father are Originals. I think Elijah mentioned the Originals being the seven siblings (Or 6 + Klaus), which would mean that the children turned the parents after somehow becoming the first vampires.


i think , klaus needs his army for a war with his stepfather. The Origin of origins


1. Fav scene: Klaus at the bar with Damon. "How many freebies did I sign up for, and clearly, you want to die."

2. Hybrids : for the massive showdown that'll occur mid season between him and and minions of the new big bad... referring to that the police guy is a minion of another bigger bad, say the biggest bad.

3. Klaus hunter : This police guy is just a paycheck villain. The biggest bad I'm going to say is his mom. Which would be hot. In a non-incest way.

4. Katherine is a walking cliff-hanger generator. She pops up at the end of an episode and does something random. I was lost as to her function/role sine quarter way in season two. Nothing she does adds up.

5. Caroline - kinda overreaction. Stop milking my sympathy. I'm starting to not like her again. i thought she was going to continue with the butchness but Tyler's pushing her back into Bimbo land. This is the beginning of the degeneration.


I absolutely LOVED this episode!! Not a shocker, as I love them all...
1. My favorite scene: Elena waking up with Damon in her bed!! But that is such a tough question, as the whole episode was just so good!!
2. Why is Klaus trying to build an army. Who knows? There has to be a reason, we just are not privy to that information yet.
3. The man hunting down Klaus. I think that he too is a vampire. He is bound to pop up in modern day, so how would he do that if not a vampire? I know, the witch is very old too. But, something is telling me that this man has been searching for Klaus for a very long time!
4. Katherine: I love Katherine!! She is naughty and fun!
I don't think they under or over use her. I DO hope that they don't kill her off!!
5. Caroline: Hey, my girl Caro can cry ANYTIME that she needs to!! And, after what Daddy Dearest did to her, she had every reason to cry elephant tears!! By the way, Way to go Sheriff Forbes, and Tyler!!


I coudn't agree more with Nina. I will be forever grateful for Katherine turning Caroline! I mean I loved C. the minute she spoke but well after she turned she was irresistible^^ But I also wish that we'd see more of Katherine in a emotional way. It's right that she's done very much to get the plot along. But I'd like to see more of HER instead of her actions. Still when K. is involved it's gonna be awesome!

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