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What storyline are you most excited for?
Forwooooooood!! Dark-Stefan and Vicky (even if I think she turned into a raging bitch while dead)! I also believe that Delena isn't quite happening this season (or ever) Elena isn't Sookie who's running immediately for the next guy!
I actually hope that we will see more from Katherine. I know her story is told but I just love her so much. But I guess we will rather see the original Petrova- girl. So three roles to play might be a bit busy for poor Nina^^
I coudn't care less about Alaric btw....with Jenna dead he's just not important to me at all. Can't wait for tomorrow (since I live in Europe:( )


Damon and Elena belong together!! Their personalities work so much better together than her and Stefan. Any relationship built on a friendship will last the longest, and that is what Damon and Elena have - they've had their ups and downs, but are still drawn to each other. They are soulmates.


What storyline are you most excited for?
Definitely the return of Anna and Vicki! What kind of havoc will they wreak? Will Jeremy finally be important this season?

Will Elena hook up with Damon this season?
Nah. Elena is too boring to have an affair with Damon. But of course, they will keep teasing them throughout the season.

Why are Anna and Vicki back from the dead?
In the name of a foursome with Beremy.

What relative of Klaus and Elijah's do you hope to meet next?
Of course, their father, the first hybrid? Or we could just stick to these hot guys this season.

Make one bold prediction for the season.
Stelena. End of the season 3.


yeah!am realy happy u guys re bak


1. I would like to see the attraction between Damon and Elena grow, but not have them get together..... yet. I think this relationship needs some time to simmer before it is final. And I DO want Damon and Elena to be final!!
2. I also want to see this Original Mother and Father!! It would be cool to learn all about the family. Mila Kunis would be PERFECT for a sister!! I am interested in this family, want to see where they go with them...
3. Caro and Tyler. It will be nice to watch the Romeo and Juliet story play out with the Forbes and Lockwood clan's.
Plus, there will be that old thing with Caroline and Matt. He dumped her for being a vampire, and she is bound to be p*ssed at that!!
4. Jeremy and the dead girls, along with the very much living Bonnie!! This should be interesting!!
5. We can't forget Alaric. What will his story line be, besides trying to be a parent figure to Elena and Jer? There might even be a new love in his future!!
6. Can I just say that it has been a very LONG summer, and I am so glad that my favorite show will be back on tomorrow!! Yay!!


in the books caroline does get pregnant with tyler's babies hahah but that would be awesome... Unfortunately shes a vamp and i think her eggs are frozen lol


Now that True Blood is over until next June, Vampire Diaries is up on the agenda. Damon is the only reason to watch the show. His hot Badness gives the show the much needed sex appeal, for those of us not in high school. He has a good heart, it just hidden behind a lot of walls. Let Stefan go rip everyone up & let Damon have a little Elena time.


i'm sorry, since when does true blood not kill off characters? did you even see the last episode?


The movis is very very nice


I'm soooooo excited for the arrival to finally come tomorrow. There sure are some crazy and mysterious spoilers that make the show even more better. What I want mostly of the season is to have Klaus out of the picture and any other of his annoying relatives in they come up on the show. I like mostly seeing the love story part of this show and I hope it will appear eventually appear later on in the season. I'm getting hungry for more vampire diaries everytime. XD =) =D =P

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