The Vampire Diaries Round Table: Season 3 Preview Edition!

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Welcome to a special edition of The Vampire Diaries Round Table.

Editor-in-chief Matt Richenthal and staff writers Steve Marsi and Eric Hochberger have watched the clips, read the interviews and devoured the spoilers - and they simply can't wait for "The Birthday" to air tomorrow night, so these TV Fanatics are looking ahead to season three right here and now.

As always, reader feedback is encouraged on the following questions and answers...


What storyline are you most excited for?
Matt: Alaric and his quest to make everyone stop referring to him as "Ric." At least I hope that happens. But I'll go with the return of Jeremy's ex-girlfriends. I always found this character boring, but it's amazing what the revival of two dead vampires can do.

Steve: I think we're all excited to see Stefan return to his ripper ways. Killing runs counter to the Stefan we know and love, but it's so ingrained in him and given the circumstances that prompted it - saving Damon - you can almost forgive the forthcoming bloodshed. Let 'er rip, Stef.

Eric: Definitely seeing Stefan going on his bloodlust rampage. Why should Damon get to have all the fun?


Will Elena hook up with Damon this season?
Matt: No. I asked Ian Somerhalder about his season-ending kiss at Comic-Con and (shameless plug alert!!!) he told me there was little to it, considering Damon's dying state. As much as VD likes to tease Delena, I don't see these two ever living up to that nickname. They may be featured a lot together this season, but only in the hunt for the man they both love, Stefan.

Steve: This is not unlike the question "Will I be filling in for Matt on tomorrow night's review?" The answer to both is "unfortunately yes," but unlike my stint as TVD critic, expect Delena to last more than a week.

Eric: I desperately try to avoid Vampire Diaries spoilers, so I'm sure I'll come across as an idiot here when I say no. That kiss stemmed from sympathy (and raw attraction, have you seen Damon?!?) when she thought the man was dying. I saw no passion in that smooch. It was like the girl was kissing her brother. Our girl is loyal to Stefan.

Why are Anna and Vicki back from the dead?
Matt: It's all about a spin-off. Prepare yourselves for The Vampire Diaries: Ghost Hunters.

Steve: Because Jeremy clearly hasn't had it rough enough. Not only does everyone close to him die, some of them must now mess with his head as well.

Eric: They've come to haunt Jeremy with the scariest words a man could hear: we're pregnant. And dead. Figure that one out.

What relative of Klaus and Elijah's do you hope to meet next?
Matt: Their sister. Considering how handsome Klaus and Elijah are, the only proper casting here figures to be Megan Fox or Mila Kunis.

Steve: Their black sheep younger brother, Todd. You know, the sibling who for whatever reason just cannot get it done - unable to secure a job, make his own bed or clean up after himself when slaughtering unsuspecting humans. There's one in every family.

Eric: Their father. The original Original.

Make one bold prediction for the season.
Matt: Caroline will get knocked up with Tyler's baby.

Steve: N/A. How can you make a "bold" prediction about a show that makes up its own rules and changes the game on a routine basis? The Vampire Diaries redefines bold. It's why we watch.

Eric: I'm going crazy bold here and predicting the death of Matt this season.  Unlike some other vampire shows (cough cough, True Blood...), this series actually likes keeping things fresh and killing off main characters. Who better to off than my least favorite and the least useful character, Matt? Now that Tyler is clearly stepping up to the plate as Caroline's love interest, the pretty blonde doesn't even have that going for him. So long, sucker.

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