The Vampire Diaries Review: A Case of Jungle Fever

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Is it possible for The Vampire Diaries to feature too much action?

I never thought I'd ask that question, either, but, in many ways, "The Hybrid" left me as confused as Caroline. No, my estranged, creature-hunting, formerly horn-rimmed-glasses-wearing father did not just walk through that door.

But the fast paced, dark developments in the woods have left me scratching my head a bit. I really hope I don't have a werewolf bite...

Damon v. Elena

Okay. So Klaus' grand goal has been to create a hybrid army. That much I follow. And this was the point of his sacrificial ceremony last season, right? But it failed to work here because - as we know, and as Klaus appears to now know - the Doppleganger is NOT actually dead... right?

Also: why can hybrids only be made out of werewolves? Those are apparently very difficult to track down, whereas vampires are abundant.

Is it because Klaus already possesses vampire blood and can just drip that into the werewolf's throat to complete the process? But then why not use a nearly-dead werewolf, such as Ray, to do the same thing for any number of vampires he and Stefan could easily track down?

These are all questions of practicality. I may simply be over-analyzing. I may be forgetting a plot point. But there is one overarching question from this storyline that the show definitely wants us to be thinking about:

Who told Klaus about making the army? Who is pulling the strings of the blood sucker we were previously told was the oldest, most powerful vampire alive? Might it be the individual Julie Plec has teased will steal Klaus' thunder later this season? There is some Wizard of Ooze out there, hiding behind some curtain, we can be certain of that. Fascinating.

Elsewhere: give it up for a battle between ghosts! I've been assuming all along that Anna and Vicki were back for the same purpose, whatever the heck that is. But the former says the latter cannot be trusted, which does jibe with Kayla Ewell teasing that her character is back for revenge. But against whom? Stefan killed her. The audience might not want Vicki to go after him, but why would Anna care? Why would she issue this warning to Jeremy?

And where does Matt fit into all this? He couldn't see Vicki in that scene, but she saw him. Or at least felt his presence. Matt is such a good guy, offering to assist Tyler with his chaining, let's hope he isn't in for more heartbreak somehow here. The guy has already lost his sister once, along with his girlfriend to his best friend, please tell me the show won't put him through even more.

You know, like having him kidnapped and tied up by a father whose family has been in the vampire-killing business for 150 years. I did not see that ending coming! (Editor's note: I never see any episode ending coming.) Where has this Bill guy been? He's clearly familiar with Tyler's mother and the counsel, yet he hasn't been mentioned once by them.

Other notes from the episode:

  • We can only assume Jeremy used Bing to educate himself on ghost summoning, right?
  • Careful to avoid the True Blood threesome trap, Vampire Diaries. I'm a big fan of Elena with Stefan, period. I get we need the longing glance with Damon, I understand there's an attraction there. But there's only so many times the show can focus on teasing these two as a couple before it gets more irritating than intriguing.
  • Aren't they more akin to brother and sister than lover and lover anyway? I got a fun sibling vibe from Elena and Damon when they bickered over leaving the woods, when he pushed her into the lake and when Damon burned his hand on those chains and Elena sighed: "I said Ric."
  • Katniss Everdeen would not have needed Stefan's help with Ray. She would have scaled a tree and shot arrows right through him. Just saying.
  • One thing was for sure this week: the gang wasn't bird watching!

WHAT DID EVERYONE ELSE THINK? For an advanced look at next week's installment, watch this Vampire Diaries promo!


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Let`s hope there will be for all of us a little bit happiness at the end.
Let`s hope the writer`s don`t build couples like...
Jeremy and Caroline
Tyler and Bonnie
Writers could be really stupid.
You only have to watch gossip girl..
Who the hell wants Dan and Blair together???
If you see once the chemistry between Chuck and Blair
But for now..
TVD is smashing great..


@lilouuh,thank u so much for ur point,u guys(delena)should undstnd that luv isn't about beauty,hansomeness,being hot or sexy,it's abt what's in d mind and soul,coz if dat's the case why didn't katherine or elena chose damon?


"Also: why can hybrids only be made out of werewolves? Those are apparently very difficult to track down, whereas vampires are abundant." I think, but don;t quote me on this, that werewolves are born and not made whereas for vampires it's the other way round. Klaus biting a vampire would not turn the vampire into a hybrid, just infect said vampire with the poisonous werewolf bite thus; no hybrid. At least, that's how I understood it. Anyhow, loved the episode, for me the best bit was actually the Stefan-Damon moment. As much as I love Delena, I love the Stefan-Damon even more...


Well, I think stefan makes katherine to a better person and otherwise elena does this with damon. And even if they look like one egg to the other, they are totally different persons. That brings us to a fundamental point. What makes love come true? Is it the look, the beauty of somebody ? I don`t think so. It`s about the heart and the mind. Maybe we get interested with the eyes, but we just love with the heart. Okay, i must admit it`s kind of easier if you look as handsome as Damon or Stefan, what or whoever you prefer.
But i think it`s pointless that we make the decisions. I hope the show will give us the answer about which endcouple it will be in her own entertaining way.
For me, and i read all the dumb books, there is in the last one a really sweet was to make elena happy, because she don`t wanna be a vampire at all.
(And i adore her for this anti-bella-attitude)
In this book, damon gets human again, so why not stick them together than and let them grow old together..
Seems this could be a possibility to end all in happiness.
But that`s not a decision i could make..We all have to wait, and that`s amazing..
Let us hope the writers and mr. williamson won`t screw it up


Love the Katniss Evergreen - reverence!!! Just had to say it... ;-P ;D
And the only way I remember them mentioning Caroline's father was when she was visiting him and his boyfriend. I just realised that he looks kinda creepy with or without his glasses...


i agreed that delena fans are morethan us stelena,we'r outnumbered,got it,get in line but that doesn't mean that we'r nt going to outmanouver u.Must damon luv elena,y nt sum1 else or why nt go back to katherine since it's the same person.


Great episode.
I really adore the show for turning from a highschooldrama with vampire-touch into a show with fantastic storylines.
Love Damon and Stefan together. It´s the same hate-love-thing we all share with our siblings. But without all this hate-attitude they are deeply sweet together with this little sarcastic touch because they both wanna hide their true feelings.
I think the show is much more the the question "should delena or stelena end up together". There are so many great storylines, and i`m really looking forward to Elijah`s coming back, and maybe the rest of the originals.
And Delena or Stelena, well, i really hope that kevin williams won`t screw it up like he did with joey and pacey in dawson`s creek. In all 6 seasons he make this triangle mainpart of the show, and even that he let end up joey and pacey together, he screw it up because he make such a drama out of it. Put them together really sweet, and than tear them apart really unrealistic and i stop watchin the show after the 4th season.
I think we have a little bit similarity here. It`s this love triangle like with joey/pacey/dawson, okay right, with vampires. But for me Stefan and Elena are a little bit like Joey and Dawson, even that i like Stefan much more, and i think he is far away from boring. On paper they are perfect together. Both care about everything that walks, and they are really sweet together, but this relationsship is like eating without getting full. Something is missing. I don`t know what. But, this is just my opnion. I´m not a damon and elena-shipper, but i think there is a lot potential between them. There is this heat, we`r all dreaming about. And Elena can also show damon her dark side, without making him running away. And that is what a real relationsship should be. But that is just my opinion. I´m glad if the writer will do such great work in the future. And i hope that Katherine is coming back. Because, and that`s kind of weird. Because I think that Stefan and Katherine have the same fire, that Damon and Elena have. Stefan could be as dark as he wants, and Katherine is in the need to be save from her dark side.
Okay, that`s it.
And by the way.. I love the Damon and Elena talk at the end. And i also love the he not force her for anything, but show her on a really adorable Damin-way that she feels something for him, and she shouldn`t forget this, even when he brings her boyfriend back.. Pleaase, writers, go on like this...
And Tyler, get your ass up to save my sweet caroline.


Everyone hs diff opinions but stelena fans are getting rude and arrogant. @ stelena: um flash this isn't stelenas diaries. Stelena loses every poll out there. Youtube is flooded with delena, more then stelena and they haven't even gotten together yet! Can't wait to talk to u in a few years. Pacey and Joey on Dawsons creek?!! Buffy wound up with Spike not Angel! Delena endgme


Delena will happen the only question is how and when. I'm excited because I luv them and forwood. BTW Morgbs post was great Ita


I thought it was obvious why vampires can't be made hybrid, a werewolf bite kills them (well as much as you can die when you're dead) and werewolves are human so they can take the vampire blood and die like any other human. I wasn't confused about that part but I was surprised by Caroline's dad!!! Although once again he has been mentioned in the past, he's gay and living elsewhere with his lover!!! I just didn't realize he was in the counsel but it's not a huge leap!!! If you marry a person in the counsel it's not a huge stretch that you also become a counsel member. Great episode as usual and giving the fact that Elena was to die for his power to be fully explored has set up a whole new thing which excites me!!! I'm just looking forward to the rest of the originals to be free!!! Okay, just Elijah because I love him and miss him!!! :) !!!!

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