The Vampire Diaries Review: A Case of Jungle Fever

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Is it possible for The Vampire Diaries to feature too much action?

I never thought I'd ask that question, either, but, in many ways, "The Hybrid" left me as confused as Caroline. No, my estranged, creature-hunting, formerly horn-rimmed-glasses-wearing father did not just walk through that door.

But the fast paced, dark developments in the woods have left me scratching my head a bit. I really hope I don't have a werewolf bite...

Damon v. Elena

Okay. So Klaus' grand goal has been to create a hybrid army. That much I follow. And this was the point of his sacrificial ceremony last season, right? But it failed to work here because - as we know, and as Klaus appears to now know - the Doppleganger is NOT actually dead... right?

Also: why can hybrids only be made out of werewolves? Those are apparently very difficult to track down, whereas vampires are abundant.

Is it because Klaus already possesses vampire blood and can just drip that into the werewolf's throat to complete the process? But then why not use a nearly-dead werewolf, such as Ray, to do the same thing for any number of vampires he and Stefan could easily track down?

These are all questions of practicality. I may simply be over-analyzing. I may be forgetting a plot point. But there is one overarching question from this storyline that the show definitely wants us to be thinking about:

Who told Klaus about making the army? Who is pulling the strings of the blood sucker we were previously told was the oldest, most powerful vampire alive? Might it be the individual Julie Plec has teased will steal Klaus' thunder later this season? There is some Wizard of Ooze out there, hiding behind some curtain, we can be certain of that. Fascinating.

Elsewhere: give it up for a battle between ghosts! I've been assuming all along that Anna and Vicki were back for the same purpose, whatever the heck that is. But the former says the latter cannot be trusted, which does jibe with Kayla Ewell teasing that her character is back for revenge. But against whom? Stefan killed her. The audience might not want Vicki to go after him, but why would Anna care? Why would she issue this warning to Jeremy?

And where does Matt fit into all this? He couldn't see Vicki in that scene, but she saw him. Or at least felt his presence. Matt is such a good guy, offering to assist Tyler with his chaining, let's hope he isn't in for more heartbreak somehow here. The guy has already lost his sister once, along with his girlfriend to his best friend, please tell me the show won't put him through even more.

You know, like having him kidnapped and tied up by a father whose family has been in the vampire-killing business for 150 years. I did not see that ending coming! (Editor's note: I never see any episode ending coming.) Where has this Bill guy been? He's clearly familiar with Tyler's mother and the counsel, yet he hasn't been mentioned once by them.

Other notes from the episode:

  • We can only assume Jeremy used Bing to educate himself on ghost summoning, right?
  • Careful to avoid the True Blood threesome trap, Vampire Diaries. I'm a big fan of Elena with Stefan, period. I get we need the longing glance with Damon, I understand there's an attraction there. But there's only so many times the show can focus on teasing these two as a couple before it gets more irritating than intriguing.
  • Aren't they more akin to brother and sister than lover and lover anyway? I got a fun sibling vibe from Elena and Damon when they bickered over leaving the woods, when he pushed her into the lake and when Damon burned his hand on those chains and Elena sighed: "I said Ric."
  • Katniss Everdeen would not have needed Stefan's help with Ray. She would have scaled a tree and shot arrows right through him. Just saying.
  • One thing was for sure this week: the gang wasn't bird watching!

WHAT DID EVERYONE ELSE THINK? For an advanced look at next week's installment, watch this Vampire Diaries promo!


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Question: Where is Katherine??? I am obviously missing something, but wasn't the last time we saw her when she handed Elena the vial of Klaus's blood for Damon at the end of the season finale? Or am I completely crazy and have major long-term memory loss?


I think That Vampires cannot be turned to hybrids because they are already dead,you have to die with vampire blood in your system to come back a Vampire
While werewolves are living entities,they are only cursed, not undead creatures
So Klaus feed them with his blood, cause apparently only his blood seem to do the trick, kill them and they come back, and as they already have the werewolves they get only the vampire part. and A + B = Hybrid.
(my personal guess about the whole stuff)


I don buy the bro/sis love.....
Siblings don look @ each other the way Delena do.
I thnk we'll hv a new mayor or a new sheriff in town soon,coz I thnk either sheriff Forbes or mayor Lockwood will die.


I don't see that brother-sister vibe, I see passion... but then nothing can happen while Stefan is gone.. I am starting to hate matt... They should get s great story line for Bonny they can not just use her when they need magic!! I was hoping to see more of Caroline and Tyler,
how come he did not hear anything? and when he found out about her mom, why did he lose all that time?? he did not think she could be at risk??


I was expecting the werewolves to put up some fight before getting drunk and murdered by Klaus. I mean there were like 10 werewolves out there, and together they might have kicked some ass. Vampires can't be turned into hybrids because werewolf blood will probably kill them, and they can't be brought back from the dead using the fancy neck-snapping technique.


Great episode I nearly felt sorry for Klaus and his plan going down the drain. Good banter btw Elena and Damon and Alaric.
Looks like Caroline is in for a suprise from Daddy!!


I liked tihs episode but I'm confused about some tihngs. 1st Stefan: he's supposed to be a ripper and a kind of bloodaholic, he gave his life away to Klaus but he still cares about his brother and his girlfriend, calling her and trying to protect them from Klaus. I'm disappointed because he's not really the bad guy they told us he could be, he's just "playing" the ripper and feeling sorry deep down. 2nd Klaus: how could he not smell, see or hear Alaric, Elena and Damon when Stefan and Ray did? Also I can't believe a guy that old and that powerful doesn't have at least one or two friends or whatever people ready to do all he wants to. 3rd Damon: he stands in a very uncomfortable place. Elena and he are closer than ever, teaming up to bring Stefan back. Stefan being absent is good for whatever is growing between them but in the same time, it's the worst moment to get Elena to admit that she has feelings for him because they are both tied up by their loyalty to stefan. So why would he go there with her now? Damon understands all that very well, what he said to E was clear: there will be nothing between them until Stefan comes back. He wants to make things right but he just can't help pressuring her. Loved Tyler (Forwood = cutest couple on TVD), Alaric, Matt this week, missed Beremy.


I love the show. Couples wise I don't ship but I admit to wanting damon to wind up with Elena. I'm sure shell change and so will he over the course of several seasons and the beauty of it is the journey not the ship! Let Williamson and co tell the story of the vampires. Note that this isn't the story of stelena as some irrational stelena shippers love to profess. Stop fighting all of you. Fast out of gate means you've lost the race already. Slow and steady wins every single time.


I agree w lilouuh. I think damon and elena r perfect 4 each other. Damon puts her in her place when needed and is also her night and shinning armour. He doesn't feel a need 2 pretend, he say and does what he wants. Stephan trys 2 hard 2 be a good guy and is a pusy around elena at times. Remember stephan was a evil vamp when katherine 1st turned him but later turned from the dark side 2 the good side when his friend lexy came in the picture. He was bad way b4 damon ever wa and has always had that evil inside. We caught a glimpse of this when elena gave him her blood and he got the taste 4 human blood again. In the other hand damon i always felt was being evil 4 the sake of revenge, out of spite in other words annoying his bro 4 being w katherine. He has always loved his bro stephan even when stephan tried 2 get ride of him anyway possible. Even when elena pretending 2 be his friend and tring 2 get ride of him he never turned his back on her and loves her more each day. He has become a better man being by her side but only because deep down he always had good in him. He is the perfect guy 4 her. Stephan needs 2 keep his bromance w klause and hook up w katherine. Caroline needs 2 stay w wolf boy tyler both beasts understand another. Ric needs 2 watch over the scooby gang and be a daddy figure 2 elena n ghost whisper jermy. Oh the relatinship between damon and elena remind me of buffy and spike hot, steamy, entence 2 oppisits that r perfect 4 each other and make each other better. True love!


I'm delena also and its not cuz I think damons good looking. MANTY people have other opinions then u. Were not wrong ur just out numbered and taking it badly. I like who I like and so do u. Who cares what others think. I'm not delena because most people are either. Just had to speak up because u seem a little off base. Just my opinion thx.

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