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Jeremy smoking pot..did you miss the first season? He was Vickie's main supply!


this was a great ep.. loved Caroline and tyler.. Stefan is freakin nuts and i felt really bad that Damon lost andy didnt tink the Ripper would actually take it that far..the phone call ast the end was great.. Elena always knows when it is Stefan just wished he would of said something..anything..Matt and Jeremy were very interesting wish Matt would turn into an actual man and grow a pair and stop whining. Cant wait til Bonnie is back and can help Jeremy sort the ghosts out.. love TVD


Awesome review and season premiere!

And how perfectly heart wrenching was that Stelena scene?!


Oh my god. SUCH AN INSANE EPISODE. But whoa. I really would've loved to see more Jeremy, Anna, and Vicki thing. Where was Bonnie!? I must have missed that if there was an explanation.I really miss Jenna and Alaric. Poor Mr. S. And I liked the Forwood. I LOVE IT ACTUALLY. And the Stefana and Elena call!!!!!!!!! I cried so much. I miss them actually. I usually ship Delena. BUT oh my god! I miss Stefan. I'm really liking Klaus. He's kind of hot. I really feel bad for Damon and the Andy thing. Poor Damon. SO READY FOR NEXT THURSDAY!!!!!!!!


I love the show can't wait for what is next.


absouluteley amazing season premiere and my favourite of TVD so far!!! loved when stefan phoned elena at the end sooo sweeet! Tyler and caroline too i can see how they are gonna be like romeo and juliet :) cant wait till next week!


@Eric regarding Alaric. LOL, Eric, LOL. :)


Great epsiode had me tune the entire time, good start for our fav show...


Great review, Steve!

It's so great to have the best vampire show back on television after having to put up with True Blood. I just wish their signature cliffhanger didn't end with Caroline getting shot.

And Alaric better come back as Elena and Jeremy's weird father figure. He's great in that role.


@Leigh Raines - Thank youuuuu :-*

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