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LOL at Eric's Klaus answer. :))

I love the villain! Favorite scene is probably the opening scene where Charles didn't hesitate burning Cassie's mother, alive.

I wonder why Cassie's mother didn't use her powers, though. She was a witch too, right?


1.Fav scene: the very first scene, Cassies Mom was truly terrified! And it was so real a deep instinct knowing she will die!
2.Diana! She has truly potential to become a dangerous and powerfull witch! A "Jean"(x-men) type of character when she's gone be betrayed she is going to take people down!!
3. Her Dad! XD They mentioned severel times he is dangerous and who can hurt U more than Ur Dad!
4. A give it a B+! I mentioned in the forum already that i loved the small town image with all the people talkin behind someones back and starting to talk to U without even to talk to U! I only missed the trigger which pushed Cassie to stop the storm! And the spells could be better!


Favourite scene- When Charles lit the match and the stove caught fire. The whole "Her mom dies gruesomely and tragically" scene. Most people leave it out and start at the funeral...

Favourite charcter: Faye, even though she'd going to have an episode somewhere on the horizon to explain her sad back-story that forces her to put on the tough-chick mask.

Coming for Cassie: members of another circle who only have five? Magic stealers?

Grade: B-, unless you're grading on a curve comparing it to other CW shows. For CW this is A+, distinction, honours and Dean's list. For normal TV for normal people, B-. The acting is good, the setting is fresh, the dialogue is not the worst ever, special effects are good...

But despite that, I feel like I'm at least a decade to old to be watching this. For a show about witches who summon storms at will and set cars on fire, I was remarkably bored. The female protagonist (Cassie) doesn't do all that much to capture the interest (maybe she'll be the last in this drive to flood the media with young female protagonists.) Lines like "Go away, Storm", don't really generate a lot of love.

It needs somebody for comic relief, unless they're going to abuse Faye for that.
It's very cliche. It's a cliche storm in fact, but if they fix Cassie Cardboard, and make Adam less like Goth Edward, who knows?

I'm probably just too old, cause this looks rated G.


I am Wiccan... so most of it was pretty cheesy and cliche. However, I will watch anything that has Gale Harold in it, so I will be tuning in with my fingers crossed that the writers will get SOME stuff right.


This show seems to come off way more immature than Vampire Diaries does...like it is actually aiming at being attractive for high school students. I'm a junkie for anything remotely paranormal...and because Greys Anatomy is so horrible anymore in the 9pm Thursday slot, I will be tuning into Secret Circle. That being said; Adam had WAY too much make-up on. It's weird seeing Stephanie from Days of Our Lives as Diana, and not have the guy with the eye-patch for a dad! I think that Diana is actually going to be the villainous one, over Faye. And I hope I'm right because if not, Faye is very very stereotypical bad girl. The overall story is intriguing and Cassie has a commanding quality about her character that I think Elena from Vampire Diaries is missing. I'd rate this episode as a C also...and hope the rest of the season isn't cliche and so 'who didn't see that one coming'...it was kind of too cheesy for me.


I though this was an awesome episode. I really like where the story is going. Cant wait to see what the season holds! I give it a two thumbs up!


Fav Scene: Tie between when Faye tells Cassie she is a witch and the water floating scene.

Fav Character: Cassie, she's everything Steve said she is plus I have been a fan of the book so liked how LJ wrote her. Diana is also a fav for me becus she is seems to be this force of goodness and purity but I feel that underneath she can be a force to be reckoned with... Especially if she doesn't take to Cassie and Adam falling in love as it is written in the books.

Who's Coming for Cassie: Klaus lol... Seriously tho, My guess is her father... John Black or Black John... My idea is that the parents want to have the power they once had, and the circle will get them the power. The big bad in the book was Cassie's father and if they translate that, then that's my best guess.

B. It was intriguing, had some great moments but there were some flaws.
Faye overplayed the snarkiness and "bad girl" vibe. Dial it down and let it be better.
They gave Nick and Melissa like two lines. They need to use them as much as they use the other four.
There was too much going on for one hour, but I understand that they had to introduce a lot of stuff quickly. Hope they improve on it soon.

I am slightly impressed with the way the pilot turned out in spite of Kevin et al taking so many liberties with the book. I feel cheated that we will never get to see, Deborah, Laurel, Melanie, Susan, The twins & Sean but I know that a huge cast would have been too much.
They could have still made them live on crowhaven road. That is my last complaint. Oh well...


sorry but i disagree a lot. i think the writing is too cliche, charles as a murderer has no redeeming qualities and even the circle of six right now they have not pulled me in at all. i rate this episode with a c. i hope it improves.


Cassie and Adam are fine and cute and all of that, but like Eric said, this show needs a Damon-like character in Cassie's orbit.

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