Supernatural Season Premiere Review: Kiss Your Cass Goodbye

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Was that the season premiere? Or did that feel like the stakes, tensions, and awesomeness of a season finale?

Sure, "Meet the New Boss" picked right up where season six' ended. It even followed the typical guidelines of a premiere, dealing with the aftermath of the previous season, establishing a new foe, and setting up the Winchester brothers' new journey. Except the episode went one step further and spun everything on its head by completely eliminating the new "God" problem, and in turn, revealing a far more evil opponent.

Castiel vs. Death
Who saw that wild twist coming?

Misha Collins did a fantastic job portraying the new "God" as both intimidating and all powerful. It may have been similar to his regular Castiel routine, but he established a more commanding and somewhat ambitiously blinded presence through all of his smiting of angels and motivational speakers. It was very easy to believe Castiel would kill you if you crossed him.

His sense of power was truly felt during his verbal spar with Death. Both of those heavy hitters commanded the floor and evoked dominance without ever doing anything but talking. It made Sam, Dean, and Bobby become fantastically shadowed in the background. All they could do was watch. I even felt helpless for them during the situation.

But it was Castiel's transformation (death?) into the Leviathans that allowed Collins' acting to truly stand out. Not only did he get to smile, (manically, mind you), but he brought out a crazy, creepy, and nasty side that made me rethink my idea that the new "God" would be the worst thing the brothers would face.

It was so vibrant and devilishly upbeat that I'm sure Collins enjoyed getting to try something completely different and opposite of Castiel. As much as I enjoy the Castiel character, I'm rather interested to see Collins portray the Leviathan in all its anciently evil glory.

What are the Leviathans? Aside from an Alien-like ability to stretch out of your stomach and whisper in your head, the Leviathan is said to be a great sea monster. Surely, the show will find a unique way to explore and present this creature and taking over Castiel as a host, made for a great start.

Of course, Supernatural wouldn't be anything without Sam and Dean, and these two were once again trying to figure out a way to save the world. They really don't ever catch a break do they? It was nice seeing them not only working together, but falling into their niche roles. The two have grown and progressed through countless big events, but they still manage to hold onto their trademark characteristics.

Dean focused on fixing his beloved car, knocking back a few drinks, and dishing out some jokes? Check.

Sam acting concerned, determined, and forgetting to reveal his problems to Dean? Check.

What other way would you even want them to act?

That said, it looks like Sam is destined to lose his marbles and take the crazy train of confusion and hallucinations. Even Lucifer popping up and taunting Sam was a surprise. 

Is Lucifer real? Is he a hallucination? Is Sam actually still trapped in the cage? Oh, let the mind games begin.

Overall, it was a fantastic start to the season that already has the wheels of the show off to a speedy start. Glad to see that even with seven years under the belt, Supernatural remains fresh, exciting, and destined for big things.

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Great review of a great season opener, Sean! It almost felt like a finale, and I was so glad it's really only the beginning. It was so fun to see Misha revel in playing bugnuts Cas. I choose to believe there is still some Cas in there amongst the monsters and he'll somehow prevail in the end, perhaps with the help of the REAL God. I loved having all of my favorites back in one episode - Crowley, "Bullocks!", Cas, Bobby and Death! Doesn't get better than that. I hope we get more of all of them this season. Very excited to be staring down the barrel of 22 more hours of Winchester goodness!


Sorry, forgot to mention something: Wonderland, Dean's soul was in Hell for 4 months, and Sam's soul was in Hell for 1 1/2 years, about 4 times longer. Also, Sam had his memories blocked by that wall and now they're all rushing back at once, so it must be quite a shock to his system.


I loved it too!! Loved Sam's hallucinations and loved what they've done with Cas. I thought the cast was on its A-game last night. Loved Misha's version of God, Death, Crowley, LUCIFER!!! And Dean, poor depressed Dean. My only criticism is probably that I thought the Liavathan (sp?) was a bit overdone and I hope Misha dials down the psycho routine next time. JMO. Great start to the season.


I am so incredibly excited for this season. I love Cas but I aboslutly love this turn of events. I just hope and pray it doesnt turn out to be short lived, as Misha was bumped down from season regular to guest star and isnt reported to be in very many episodes. I hope this is just a crafty way of keeping us guessing and not really the truth! What would be do with no misha??? Also, was anyone else a little confused about something here... Sam was only in hell for a few weeks. I get that he was in the cage with Lucifer, King of hell, Satan himself, and pissed of Michael, but.... Dean was in hell for MONTHS. He did eventually get off the rack and tourture others. But, for a while, he was tortured by Alistar, hells star torture master. But although Dean went through guilt and some flashbacks (especially about the Hell hounds), he didnt experience anything like what Sam is going through. Like I said I get that Sam was with Lucifer and all but...I still have a hard time understanding how Sam is going through so much break down while Dean had very little trouble with returning from Hell.

Sp mckenna

@jaxgirl71 - Just checked out the seven princes of hell and boy does that sound even more intriguing. A plotline like that makes me even more excited for the season!


This was the best episode of Supernatural since the 5th season finale. Last season was so very blah that it isn't funny. Did anyone notice that in the recap there was no mention of the "Eve" storyline? That was a horribly contrived plot device, and if it had lasted longer i'm sure they would have lost quite a few fans. I'm also taking a leap onto the Misha bandwagon. He was so good last night--the look on his face when the Leviathans took over was amazing. The best, though, was the churchgoer's description of Cas/God. I hope this is a sign of what is to come this season.


@Sean a Levathian is one of the seven princes of hell also its gatekeeper...should be interesting season!! Very very excited after last nights premiere


I love how they just pick up after last season right where they left off like we did not have a break. i can't wait for more.


I'm with Tanya (and I'm sure thousands of other people). I thought Cas being the new God would last for the majoirty of the season, but nope! The writers threw us for a loop! ...AND I LOVE IT! And...can't wait to see how Sam deals. Grargh. Jensen, Jared, Misha...their talents just keep shining through.


That was a very good premiere. I like that cass got really scared of himself and the unstoppable power he has inside of him, all those monsters. Anyway, i think this has the potential to be a stunning season.. but also it could probably be the last one.. sadly, if you think about it, the whole purgatory thing is just like season 2/3 when the hell gate got open and nasty demons got out including lilith. Is awesome the leviathan thing, but is too similar. And well sadly the show had a low start in ratings, actually it was half of what it always get (4.0 m), even if its the CW, im having a bad feeling about this.

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