Sons of Anarchy Round Table: "Una Venta"

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What is Piney thinking? Did Jax and Clay do the right thing? And do you pity Otto?

These are all Una Venta-related questions posed below to our Sons of Anarchy panelists - Matt Richenthal, Dan Forcella and Christine Orlando - in the latest edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table. Reader feedback is encouraged...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: The re-appearance of Romeo. That guy is the man!

Dan: Anything and everything between Tara and Piney. These two minor characters discussing one of the most important aspects of the show was so engaging. I was hanging on every word as Piney tried to get information from John's letters out of Tara. The fact that he is willing to look death in the face, only makes me love Piney more.

Christine: I know it was a quiet scene, but I loved the meeting of Gemma and the Sheriff's wife. These are two strong women who probably hold more power than either of their husbands realize. It will be interesting to see how their relationship develops and how Potter will try to manipulate it.

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Does Piney have a death wish?
Matt: We all seem to be in agreeance here, as I wrote about in my review: Piney has a wish for the club to remain whole, knows he will die soon any way and is willing to go out in a blaze of SAMCRO-saving glory, as opposed to a wheeze of emphysema-related pain.

Dan: If his death is what helps the club turn things around, then maybe he does. I think that they need him around to help Jax figure things out, though, so I hope he doesn't leave us too soon. His wisdom, and friendship with John Teller, will certainly play a role in figuring out what to do with the Sons in the future.

Christine: Maybe. If he thinks his death can save his club, then he may be willing to make the sacrifice. The problem is that I don't think it will change a thing.

Do you feel bad for Otto?
Matt: Yes. I wouldn't be watching this show otherwise. The entire basis of SoA is to create layered, interesting characters that viewers see as well-rounded, sensitive individuals, not just criminals. Let's hope his Otto's eyes are so bad that he can't actually see what's in front of him.

Dan: How can you not?!?! I know he's done some bad things, but leaving those pictures in solitary with him?!? How dare you, Potter?!?! Give it up to Kurt Sutter, though, on the acting chops. Single tear.

Christine: Locked in solitary with nothing but those pictures to dwell on? Ugh. How can you not? It's pure torture and little by little we're getting to see what Potter is capable of.

Did SAMCRO do the right thing in turning in the SAMTAZ Sergeant and VP?
Matt: It doesn't erase the plot Clay put into motion before bringing it to a vote, but sure. According to the biker code, the other SAMTAZ members deserved to know. I just felt bad for Reggie. The guy blacked out his tats like a good former soldier, was minding his own pet store business and, bam, got dragged right back in.

Dan: Like Matt said in his review, is what SAMTAZ did all that different from what Clay has done with the Cartel? Therefore, is he ready to be outed for his misguided ways? I doubt it. Clay is getting way too big for his britches, and I can't wait for someone to take him down. Only thing now is that I'm torn on whether I want it to be Jax, Piney, or Bobby Elvis that brings him down.

Christine: The right thing to do is a pretty fluid thing on this show. The truth came out but in the end it didn't change very much. And Clay was pretty self righteous for a man carrying around so many secrets concerning his own club. It's going to be catastrophic when it all blows up in his face. The funny part for me was the pet store scene. Apparently, I can watch SAMCRO torture and kill other people, but have Tig threaten a bunny and I cringe.

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