Sons of Anarchy Round Table: "Booster"

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Tension between SAMCRO members was ratcheted up many notches on Sons of Anarchy this week. Where does the show go from here?

That's what editor-in-chief Matt Richenthal is here to discuss, as he's joined by Dan Forcella and Christine Orlando in the latest edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table. Readers are encouraged to chime in with their own take on the following topics...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: Probably the final one because it set the stage for what's to come. We got a glimpse of just how tight this family is, as they drank to the engagement of Jax and Tara. But it was really just the celebratory calm before a major SAMCRO storm. Without uttering a word, Bobby - or his strong beverage of choice, to be exact - said it best.

Dan: Last week, it was the simple conversation between Jax and Tara about getting out, and this week it was the simple conversation between Jax and Clay about getting out. Do you spot a trend here? There is something about Sons of Anarchy's ability to make a quiet exchange so interesting that goes a long way in my book. 

Christine: Agreed. Definitely the conversation between Clay and Jax. I never thought they'd both put their cards on the table like that. At least not this soon. I loved that there was so much drama in one simple conversation. The sad fact is that both Jax and Clay have the same goal: bank as much money as possible before the end. That's going to lead them to some scary places before this is done.


Would Opie make a good SAMCRO President?
Matt: No way. Opie is the epitome of a good soldier. He's quiet, he takes orders well, he makes Shaquille O'Neal look like Nate Robinson. I can't see Opie making tough decisions or being the voice of the club.

Dan: Maybe, but how would they skip straight over Tig and Bobby for that position? Sure, Tig might not be President material, but Bobby would be, and they both have seniority over the gigantic Ope. Opie could turn out to be exactly what a club like this needs as President, but in no way do I think he has deserves that title at this point.

Christine: He might just be good at it, but I don't see it happening. Whether Clay steps down or is killed, he's going to leave a vacuum in the power structure of SAMCRO. I think there'll be bloodshed to see who fills the void.

Which club feud are you most excited over: Gemma vs. Tara, Bobby vs. Clay or Jax vs. Opie?
Matt: Bobby vs. Clay. We've seen Gemma and Tara fight before, and Jax isn't really going up against Opie here. They're chat in the truck was rather peaceful and respectful. But Bobby and Clay are on opposite sides, both are veterans of the game, both are past their prime. It will be a battle of minds, not a battle of muscles.

Dan: As exciting as all the Gemma and the letters stuff is and will continue to be, I have to choose Bobby vs. Clay. I'm truly a sucker for the involvement of the auxiliary characters, and the more Bobby can get involved in the important story lines the better. When Chibbs was a focus a couple seasons ago, it was awesome. When Tig took on a bigger role, it was great. I'd like to see Bobby make some noise within the club.

Christine: I'm interested in seeing how Opie reacts to Jax keeping him in the dark, and Bobby maneuvering for support to out vote Clay will be intense, but my vote goes to Gemma and Tara. These are two very strong women willing to do whatever it takes to protect their family. Thankfully, they've worked together so far. Having them go head to head could be downright frightening.

How awesome is Romeo?!?
Matt: So awesome that Captain Awesome has officially retired his name on Chuck. He'll just be known as Less Awesome Than Romeo now.

Dan: You said it all in your review, Matt. The guy "radiates cool." Danny Trejo is pretty fantastic and I don't think he ever stops working. I just went to his IMDB and he had 27 credits in 2010 and another 18 projects currently in production. Hey, as long as he stays on Sons as Romeo for a while, I will be a happy camper.

Christine: Romeo to the rescue, indeed. This guy has eyes and ears everywhere. Definitely a man you want on your side. I can't imagine what happens if Clay's deal falls apart. I don't know if SAMCRO can handle the wrath of Romeo.

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