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dont know why some people dont like ziva without her it just wouldnt work.


Yeah... Ziva's not a multifaceted character. What she is is either horrendously emotionally immature for her particular skillset (that is, killing people), or the writing on her has done a complete 180. She may or may not have sociopathic tendencies (her reaction to CIRay, who basically does her old job with less guns, displayed an alarming lack of understanding and empathy, to say the least). She's horrendously violent for the worst reasons. And she gets away with all of it, which is the worst part. I was pissed as hell when Team Gibbs let her back in with essentially open arms, or that Aliyah implied that Rivkin's death was Tony's fault (can't get a more clear cut good kill than Tony putting a couple into Rivkin's center mass). I miss Kate. Rizzoli and Isles? We can share, right?


@CG most show use the same story in face Law and Order got it from the FBI show without A Trace


I too hope that we will at some point find out what happened to EJ. I liked her character more and more. She has spunk, personality, and SJM is a good actress. I enjoyed Restless, although not as much as Nature of the Beast. I think that in actuality, Tony is one of the more grown up team members. Yes, he jokes around and lightens the mood, but when it counts, he is all business. Although I love GIbbs, he is sometimes petulant, controlling, and unreasonably demanding. Ziva chides others for things that she does herself, doesn't respect Tony's personal space, and has self control issues. I see the changes in Tony more as him evolving into someone who is beginning to deal with a difficult past, rather than repress it. I hope he keeps his sense of humor, but grows in confidence as he deals with his past.


Wish that NCIS writers had a more original central theme. The part of a young girl repeating her high school years was used several years ago on Law & Order SVU. That part of the Restless story is almost identical!

Come on writers, BE ORIGINAL!


Maybe it's because I get his character but Tony's feelings in this episode weren't new. I hate the use of the term 'maturing' when describing him in this because it implies that he isnt mature. I think what we're seeing is Tony more vulnerable and open. He's a very complex character who uses humor as a coping and defense mechanism because he doesnt like to let people in...he's always been tormented and reflective...its just he used to hide it more and most people (fans and other charactrs) only looked at him on the surface and classified him as a goof. This Tony has always been there to me it's just more apparent now...so it surprises me that people are so surprised by it. He's a multi-faceted character (just like Gibbs and Ziva).

I thought the case was interesting and sad and uplifting all at once. I was weirded out by the foster dad at first,he seemed too protective. I love how Palmer is gradually becming a mini-Ducky. Loved Abbys pic (which was her real homecoming dress). I just loved the episode



We can assume that EJ's still alive, since PHANTOM EIGHT has yet to confirm the kill. She's probably under the protection of some other government agency, like the CIA. Frankly, I can't wait till she comes back. I liked Kate, I liked Paula, and EJ's been one of my favorite recurring characters as of yet.


I liked the episode.


LOVED the episode and wish we could see it a couple more times this week! I'm used to being able to catch it again when I want on DVD. It is possible to download an episode from iTunes for $2.99, which is easier to take than shelling out $50 all at once for the DVD set.

I found the foster father's beligerance beyond protective of his foster daughter, going all the way to "major suspect." His character was thus confusing to me and all over the emotional map. The typical NCIS major suspect is more subtle with lots of question marks.

The more mature DiNozzo is a pleasant twist and I totally agree that we don't want to lose him entirely as the class clown. Balance. I always loved Ziva's toughness, but I still think that she lost her edge when she became a naturalized citizen. Her whole demeanor changed. Bland. She changed from an intense, aggressive Mossad agent, to a go-fer, to a probie. This degradation diminished her punch if not her aim. She was who she was, and now she isn't anymore, so why is she there? I always wondered if the real-life Mossad had something to do with the change. It would seem like the writers are trying to change her character into something it was never intended to be, and something is being lost in translation, er, transition.


One of my favourite scense was when Ziva walked McGee away from that group that was mocking him. Very cute!

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