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Editor, agree totally about Kate; she was snarky and self righteous and did nothing but look down at Tony and question Gibbs. Ziva is a very unique character and adds so much to the dynamic of the team. I started watching the show via re-runs in season 5, and the first thing I noticed was that there were two females, and one was annoying and the other funny and engaging. I wouldn't even watch the Kate eps initially.

I also find it sad that some feel you are either a Tony/Gibbs fan, or Tony/Ziva. I love all the characters, and although Tony is my favorite, and I think Michael Weatherly and Mark Harmon are golden together, I adore Ziva and Tony/Ziva as well. I just love the show and enjoy watching and talking about all aspects of it. Too bad there's so much hate for certain characters and their fans.


hi editor hows it going loved your comment and yes ziva is here to stay.


NCIS is about a MCRT based out of DC which also (inaccurately) investigates murders. What need do they have for a "ninja"?

Sure, the team forgave Ziva... because she's a Mary Sue. "Aliyah" was basically a 45 minute pity party for Ziva despite her boytoy Rivkin completely deserving that two in the chest, and Tony being completely in the right to put them there. Ziva assaults (a crippled) Tony, pins him to the ground, and points a gun at his chest. You do not point guns at people for the hell of it, ever, even if they are unloaded and you know them to be unloaded. Ever. Pointing a loaded gun at your friend is WRONG in every way possible, especially for somebody who has received formal training.

She betrayed Gibbs' trust. And yet Tony, who saw his life flash before his eyes, and Gibbs, whose trust is extremely hard to gain and easy to lose, not only welcome her back with open arms but go on a suicide mission to rescue her? Riight.

Watch SWAK. Kate was much more respectful of Tony when it mattered, and this wasn't the awesome mature Tony we have today, but the clowning, sophomoric fratboy Tony of seasons past. Kate and Tony were more equals. Ziva is a sociopathic assassin who's emotionally immature and prone to snapping and attacking people (three times makes a pattern), and apparently we're supposed to think this is "desireable"? "Cool"? I hope not.


I really like Ziva and think there must be more than a few of us. Kate was fine, sure. Off the top of my head, I can think of the pilot, Air Force One episode, the Marine recruiters getting sniped, and going to Gitmo as episodes I rewatch all the time that she was in )and wasn't she the one with McGee when there was a bomb on a car and Tony, with his authority as senior field agent, ordered them off so he could detontate it?) -- but there was also a lot of crap from her directed at Tony that I won't miss (and I especially didn't care for her in the episode when she's acting as Gibbs' bodyguard).

Tony and Ziva are more fun, especially scenes where Tony takes her along to beat up the henchman while he chases down their suspect or the one where they're bodyguardinga guy who later turns out was the bad guy and she tells him, when she always follows his orders, but here he obeys her instantly because they're partners and he trusts her, when she tells him to take the guy into the bathroom, has Gibbs on the phone, and aims guns at 2 different doors.

Love Ziva! I do think the most recent arcs have featured Gibbs and Tony, which is fine for that, but seem to have cut back on Ziva's involvement ... and I'm wondering why??


As has been said many many times, Sasha Alexander herself personally wanted OFF the show. I have read that she was thrilled that Donald Bellisario killed her off in such a dramatic way. She even did a guest appearance Season 3, Episode 1 to finish off her storyline. Kate was just hateful to Tony and IMO added very little to the show. She was like background to me. Didn't matter if she was in a scene or not. That some people are still upset about her leaving - shocks me. It was her choice to leave. I think it is more about hating Ziva than liking Kate.
On another note, and funnily enough, Ziva has been forgiven by Tony, NCIS and the whole Team many many years ago for holding a gun to him - but some fans just can't seem to move on as most of us have done. Funny that!
Perhaps catch Sasha on her new show - that might make you a little happier.
Because, she isn't coming back to NCIS.
Ziva is staying - thank goodness !


ziva the ninja


Just remember the only reason Ziva was brought on the show was to flirt with Tony and be his (Jenny) but we the fans saw right throw it beside she add nothing to the team.

Tony the Cop
Gibbs does the hand to hand fighting
Mcgee the computer nerd
Kate was the profiler
Paul was even better then Ziva they should of keep her


hi maka i agree with you when you said swak was one of the best episodes and kate shone in that episode but she decided to leave NCIS to get married thats when ziva came in and she is doing a great job in my opinion.


I like Ziva and I always will I agree she has more episodes about her but I still like her.
yes she wasn't on for two season but she fits in with the cast after words Sasha wanted to leave the show. I like Zivabetter just something about her that's just my opintion and some people may not agree and thats cool too.
Michael was great In SWAK I felt bad for Tony almost dying and Kate stayed with him that was the only episode I really Liked her in


Actually, Janet, the show worked rather well without Ziva for two years. And then the PTB brutally killed off Kate out of spite.

I've yet to see an episode equal SWAK in terms of the team's affection for each other. These days, the show's dramatic punch comes largely from stellar acting by Mark Harmon and Mike Weatherly, and Tony's continuing character development is great to watch. But as for Ziva, after "Aliyah" and the disaster that was, I honestly couldn't care less about her. For assaulting a United States federal law enforcement officer with a deadly weapon she should have been shipped back to Israel and left to stay there.

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