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After a two-part premiere that featured some intense medicine, conflict and drama between the doctors, and relationship development across the board, where will Grey's Anatomy take us this week with Season 8 in full swing?

In a brief sneak peek of this Thursday's episode, Meredith asks Derek if he's heard anything from the social worker, and perhaps more significantly, what's next for the two of them. His response? Likely not what she hoped for.

Watch the clip from "Take the Lead" here and share your comments below:

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you know derek suck it up omg dont dewel on the future live in the present so what if she gets altimizers then u deal with it then. And i think derek jinxed there chance of having a baby by adopting zola. Mer was and wasnt in the wrong christina and owne relationship is not fixed its just on speaking terms now. Baily is still has a stick up her but over merideth Bailey needs to go i starting not to like her. Alex is getting better on my list. Cant wait for this episode. Be back afterwards to make a comment


this is getting crazy.. i hope they make up, or this will be the end of Greys for me :(


I'm so tired of Derek acting like this. I get it. I understand why he's upset, but are you seriously going to mess up a marriage over this? REALLY??? Addison cheats and he tries to work it out. Meredith did something she felt was right for someone else's health and life and he wants to call it quits?? THAT I don't get. Meredith isn't the one who lied about being married. She wasn't the one who chose someone else over him. Did he forget all the mistakes he made?? It's ridiculous. We've lost original characters and that's already changed the show enough, it is deressing to see that after going through therapy and "fixing" herself for him, Derek is being so unforgiving and cruel to his WIFE. I don't want to give up on this show, but it is pushing me away. Obviously, I'm not alone on that...


Meridiths Blood Was Checked When She Donated Part Of A Liver To Her Dad -She Has Her Dads Blood So Does This Mean She Could Still Get Alzheimers? Hope Not - Wake Up Der - She Loves You - Thought She Was The Love Of Your Life - You Wrote The Posted - How Can It Mean Nothing Now? Please Shonda Get Them Back Together As They Should Be - Soon - They Are The "GREYS ANATOMY" We Need Them Loving Each Other With Zola And Hopefully A Child Of Their Own In Their Beautiful New Home And Please Let Them Carry On For The Next Two Years...........................


This story line has not made sense from the beginning..that's what I think. Makes no sense to me that Meredith would want to fool with a trial about the very disease she is worried she will inherit. I do not understand the writer's in this regard. He husband sets out to do a trial to help lead the way to a cure or assistance and she mucks with it - just doesn't sound very Meredith Grey to me. And...then running away with Zola - still doesn't sound very much like her to me. Where is the strong confident Meredith who is a doctor we know - where did she go to? That Meredith would not have messed with the trial at all. The writer's are never going to fix this one because without trust Meredith and Derek will never be able to be where they were at before. They had each other's backs and now that can not be. I also didn't feel she felt sorry for her involvement - she should be apologizing to all involved. I know everyone is on Derek's case but really I don't blame him for being upset - he wanted to do this trial to help his wife among many other things - no one should mess with medical trials - they cost lots of money and time to get grants through NIH or whereever. Whatever will happen to them now? I am very sad.


I don't just want Derek to just get over it. That used to be enough but after, what 5 1/2 seasons of him acting like a jackass every other episode, (and plenty of McAss behaviour before that too) I need for once, for him to apologise to Mere, him being the one working to make things right - Mer's too forgiving really, and while I admire that, it let's him get away with acting like this AND feeling like he's in the right at the same time.


McScum, just like he's been since the beginning when everyone around him isn't as perfect as he likes to think he is. No surprises here.


I was just looking at the quotes page and Derek is being called Derrick. I think that's a mistake isn't it?????????


i hope the show ends with this it the show has drifted off the main characters..story has rerailed..and its dragging now...are they trying to complete 10 seasons or something like friends??? coz the show is becoming so dragging many of my friends stopped watching..i am seeing the show even now just to c the end..not coz i 'love' the show anymore..pls writers dont drag the show and lose interest among viewers...end it nicely..!! pls!!


I don't know if the script writers read these posts but I hope so! I am disgusted with Dereks behavior and it makes me so sad if this is how they want to end either characters last year. I've been cheering for them all along and I will honestly say if they throw their relationship out the window I'm going to stop watching. Can't one show make a couple work when times get hard? That's life! For better or worse means nothing and I was really want the writers to believe in love and not let this be one more ratings driven let down.

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