Gossip Girl to Turn Main Character Gay ...

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... in Dan's Book! In a new twist fans of the Gossip Girl books will appreciate, a main character is turning gay in Season 5. Sort of. It turns out that Dan wrote his/her character that way in his book!

Yes, it looks like Lonely Boy took some creative liberties while penning Inside.

Humphrey's book - which Vanessa hilariously stole, then got published, anonymously in approximately 12 hours without his knowledge - is a memoir of sorts, but at the same time a fictionalized tale of UES life.

Dearest Daniel

So who does he make gay? In the books, Dan himself sexually confused for a time, while Chuck was in fact a player for the other team full-time. So ... those are a couple of good options, particularly the latter.

We could totally see him writing the character of Chuck (or Charlie Trout, perhaps, if he recycles that awesome name from his earlier short story) as a homosexual in his novel, although that's just our theory.

Who do you think it is? Chuck? His BFF Nate? Perhaps Serena or Blair in some bi-curious action?

There are infinite possibilities here ... some certainly hotter than others. But we can't wait to hear what you think about who it is - and what they'll do when they find out what "Anonymous" wrote!

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