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Nate: You should change your philosophy, because this one is getting pretty self-destructive, Chuck.
Chuck: You know I have to say... yes, but seriously, words with 4 syllables Nate? Have you started...reading?!


Nate- This I just farted
Chuck- Yes you did, and it's smells like ass!


nate: have you ever tried writing a book

chuck: yes i have have you ever heard of the karma sutra ?


ed: here comes the producers

chase: so we are still going to kidnap them and convince them to give me a decent storyline

ed: on the count of three open the limo door and ill push them in

chase & ed : 1 . 2 .3


Nate: Stop staring off into the distance
Chuck: I can't
Nate: Why not?
Chuck: Someone asked me if I could stand for a whole hour without looking directly at someone
Nate: And you said...
Chuck: Yes of course. Who do you think I am? You? No thanks


Nate: Can I have your limo? You know what to say!
Chuck: For fuck's sake.. Yes..


Nate: So you watch The Secret Circle last week?
Chuck: I'm hoping we're getting a crossover soon. Natasha Henstridge is just too hot to resist.


Ed: Man I wish I really were in LA right now...
Chase: Stop dreaming man, we still have one scene to go...!


Nate: Maybe they'll think we're twins. Girls have that fantasy too, right?


Nate: In a mood for medical weed? Like in the good old days?
Chuck: Yes!
Nate: Maybe some Champagne?
Chuck: Yes!
Nate: Should we get into the limo?
Chuck: Yes!
Nate: Let's have sex!
Chuck: Hmm. You definitely can't say yes to everything! So, noo.

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