Gossip Girl Caption Contest 175

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Welcome to the 175th Gossip Girl Caption Contest at TV Fanatic, where readers submit their best caption(s) for a photo from the CW drama! Ready to flex your creative muscle? Let's do it up.

This week's Caption Contest winner, using a classic pic from the Season Five premiere (check out our Round Table discussion), is Brianna. Congratulations! The winning entry now appears below.

Honorable mentions go to Ava Mila, leanne and toddy. Thanks to all for playing!

Best Buds Forever

Nate: What are you doing?
Chuck: What do you mean?
Nate: Why are you posing and looking off into the distance while I'm trying to talk to you?
Chuck: I'm Chuck Bass, this is how I stand.

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Chuck: Okay, it's early. But what team you're on?
Nate: Team Melissa. You did see her in the underwear? I so want a crossover! What about you?
Chuck: Shouldn't you be on Team Dawn? Since you like to bang older women?
Nate: Shut up.

Ava mila

Chace: Did you heard? Blake and Leo broke up.
Ed: Oh, no! How sad..
Chace: Yeah, really sad..(pause) Dude, he's mine!
Ed: No fucking way, I've always had a thing for him!


Nate: Chuck, turn around. That guy has a pink thong on, just like Blair's.
Chuck: No thanks, I don't want that memory tarnished.


ed: funny how the producers cant think of a new storyline that they have to redo old ones i mean blair being pregnant not knowing who the father is purleseee been there done that chase: ahhh those were the days when i actually had decent storylines


chuck: woah ive just had de ja vu nate: really chuck: yeh that blair is pregnant and shes doesnt know who the father is


Nate: Man did you catch The Big Bang Thoery last night Chuck:Nope I instead was watching Charlie's Angels Nate just stares at him Chuck:Come on the girls are hot Chuck thinking:Man I just loved those high heels abby were wearing, totally FAB!


Nate: So, Chuck. Will you buy me a falafel?
Chuck: ...yes.


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Salvatore humphrey245

Chuck:I'm going to teach you how to live Lesson one, lose the stance it doesn't go with your suit, lesson two get a suit. Suits are cool Exhibit A. Lesson 3 Get a limo, limos make you look cool and mysterious
Nate: Dude I dont think I.....
Chuck: Fine dont take advice from the guy who only needed one night to get your girlfriend of years to sleep with him, Yeah bro i went there.

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