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With the exception of the musical number, it actually felt like the SECOND ep of the season. The first should be an attention grabber, the second, in my view, should be the one to introduce new allies and enemies.
I agree it wasn't very funny. It had most of the characters sidelined, and yet another ho hum Winger save the day speech. It wasn't the worst ever...but it was a slow start to my fave comedy. And enough with the Cougar Town stuff. We get it, we get it.


dont really see the need for john goodmans character since theres already so many. pelton is good enough. but we'll see if its worth it. good start. could have been better after that hilarious glee intro. 3.5/5


I'm so happy to have new episodes of this show back. From the opening musical act to Jeff's breakdown to Shirley's comment about him only being the second-craziest person in the room to the group's reaction to Britta deciding to be a psychologist to "Cougarton Abbey" and "Inspector Spacetime" (and Abed's reactions to them), "Community" is one of the best - if not the best - comedy on television.


A good start...


Chang in the air vents. lol moment.

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