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One of the big differences between these angels and the original: The contract i was tolod stipulated they had to be braless.
These girls did not apprear to be braless. So it was less titalating.


Gosh I watched it just to see how bad it really was and as bad as it was most of it can be fixed.
First of all Bosley (the guy is sexy) like i'd watch it again just to see him do his thing and his acting is actually good (side note: he was also on transformers)

Secondly the angels, Rachel is Ok, she does the best with what the writers have given her, I ended up feeling sorry for her cause she was really trying. Minka is bad, she reminded me of a bad version of Leighton Meester. And then the 3rd chick, like she was more convincing than Minka but bad nonetheless, I kept wondering if these girls actually auditioned or if they were just asked to prance around in their bathing suits...

Thirdly the dialogue, the script like it was so bad that I stopped rolling my eyes after 10 minutes cause they were starting to hurt from all the rolling i was doing.

Suggestion would've been to just blow gloria up (forget the fake tears and dramatics), move on to the part where u find her killer, the Minka character should've been introduced as a sort of refugee that charlie brings in to help the girls once off and see how it goes (let them hate her a little bit).. like all this kumbaya, sisterhood nonsense was annoying


To be honest, I love it. Yes, the storyline is dull but what's appealing are the characters. A lot of people said Minka seems stiff but her playing Eve was believeable. Even better than that Kate (sorry!). Also, what surprises me was the music (i'm saying it in a good way) i really thought I was the CW but bravo to ABC for the updated music. Hopefully it'll get better next week where the angels will be a runway models. It's must watch I guess.


Perhaps the fight scenes were better since doubles did the fighting. Looks like they might need to try doubles for some of the acting. Many of the scenes were not played as dramatic as they could have been played for the serious problems the angels encountered. Maybe it will be better next week.


I thought the episode was really silly. I'm mean i am all for girl power and all that but if the entire series will be so fluff that I am going off it from now. (plus its a bit insulting that a 'girl power' themed series is so fluff)
(and I will be using the world fluff a lot because honestly its the best description for the pilot)

Good points were: the fight scenes and some of the clothes. and Bosney or whatever he's called. (by the next episode i'll get the name right) it's an interesting take on the character and I really hope he is not gay because it can create some story lines between him and the girls.

Bad: The acting. There was hardly any chemistry between the actresses (yes, I am being specific) .
Two: the dialogue could have been much better and less fluff. If the writers are sticking to the original style of the series that they nailed it but shame that we're not the same audience as back then. The Writers should get with the times.
Third and finally, no drama. I don't mean the nutty-never-ending-pointless we get from some shows but some drama is healthy (and attracts more viewers)

I will watch next weeks episode but if the silly-escapade continues I'm crossing it off my last. I really hope they find what's missing in the series.


wasn't eve interested from the previews...even though I love Modern Family!


This show is great.

Its not as good as Burn Notice, but it will do.
Fun and action packed.


I never saw the original show, just the movies, and I found them enjoyable and entertaining, and the acting was good. So I had expectations for this pilot.

I was bored after five minutes.
The dialogue and the acting when Gloria got blown up was forced, and they showed no emotion. Here's this girl who is supposed to be like a sister to them, and they respond with robotic tears!!
Eve is the only one who made me feel like she cared, contrary to the other two.
The fight were good, I have to at least acknowledge that!
But, the storylines aren't that appealing.

So, all in all, if the next episode doesn't get better, I'm taking this off my "watch-list" (which probably give me more time to study XD)


It really sucked.


I love the make-up, the outfits and Miami! The girls are gorgeous! That blonde girl was the hacker in the 1st Transformer movie, right?

I hate the villainous past of the characters (i was slightly taken aback when they were introduced). The whole team didn't clicked. I hate the whole script writing, the lines, the story... it's so boring.

I was expecting more like the Movie version where they exaggerates all the fight. it was funny, girl-power action and fast.

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