Burn Notice Summer Finale Review: Cliffhanging Done Right

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On the summer finale of Burn Notice, Michael came face-to-face with the last man who burned him; too bad he just framed him and Fiona and had both of them "Dead to Rights."

As cliff-hanger finales go, this was near perfect. The overarching story of Michael being burned got more interesting, but the smaller part we have been chasing since Max’s death was wrapped up. Matt Nix, would you please teach the other shows how it’s meant to work? 

Agent Pearce vs. Sam

I was going to say that the Tavien storyline felt like it ended abruptly, given that just last week Tavien wanted to talk to Michael so much he kidnapped Sam to make it happen. Then, when push came to shove, he opted for a swan dive off the parking structure.

Really??! The man has been a ghost for months, one step ahead of the Scooby Gang all season, we finally get to learn more about him... and he punches his own ticket? 

If only things were that simple for Michael. I was blown away by Anson’s reveal that he was behind Max’s murder and Tavien. The fact that Tavien was only a hired gun and Anson was behind Max’s death made Tavien’s fatal deceleration trauma make so much more sense.

It looks like Nix and company granted two of the wishes I have mentioned over the past several weeks. The first being a bad guy we could see and with whom Michael could interact. 

Fullerton (played by Jere Burns) looks to be Michael’s strongest and most intelligent nemesis to date. Michael is going to have to work twice as hard to outsmart someone who thinks several moves ahead and has stacked the board in his favor.

Then there's the return of Agent Pearce. Her admission that she was going to still be Michael’s contact made me super happy. I think she will forgive Michael, as her anger subsides she will remember all the good he has done since she met him and in time they will be BFFs.

Okay, maybe not, given that he will most likely hide (again) the fact he is being blackmailed by Anson “for her own good.” Maybe Michael will learn his lesson and surprise me by telling her early on so she can help, but I’m not holding my breath.

On the flipside, now that Pearce is going to be around, I can resume hoping that she and Jesse will hook up! Perhaps a proper date? Seeing as he's trying to be an honest man. Women like that, right?

We should take a moment and bow our heads in silence for Larry Sizemore. We won’t, but we should.

In reality, I don’t actually believe Larry is dead. He's been "dead" a few times and it doesn't tend to stick. Until Michael or Fiona uncovers a body, I’m assuming we will see Larry again.

However, I can say that Fiona’s method of luring him to the window and then blowing him to away was really ingenious. Minus that whole “blew up two innocent guards” part.  

When the show returns in November it will be exciting to see how Michael handles the pressures of Pearce, Anson, and the realization that he has ties in Miami now and his actions could affect others. 

What would you like to see happen? Should Pearce join the Scooby Gang unofficially? Share below!


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anson be dead. nate too. oh snapple!


LOL, @John, I guess we have our own opinions :P
I guessed that Selena was Mr. Slippery :P It was fun for the part with Kendra, though. One of my other favorite episodes (Season 5) is episode 2 (Bloodlines). Fiona was so good in it, crazy chick, scaring the life out of that scientist :) I also liked Past and Future Tense (Season 4).


@FionaG...Long Way Back had it all I.e. the ramped up high adrenaline pace of a finale, unpredictability when O'neill grabbed Fi, and finally the way Mike, who normally tries not to kill people, smoked Strickler without any hesitation knowing that he was giving up what he wanted the best (his BN) lifted. It is the single highest rated BN episode yet at 7.6. In short definitely worth the time to view. All of that said, I think Dead to Rights is my second favorite finale for many of the same reasons, I.e. Fiona smoking Dead Larry (although I think we will see him again), the unpredictable twist at the end, and the break neck pace of DL dragging Mike around by the collar. As for non finals I like Entry Point aka Mr. slippery, best. That episode kept you guessing until the end and Mr. slippery almost got away with it! Anyone else want to name their facs?


@John LOL I saw best ever for a lot :P You see, I didnt watch Long Way Back as a mid-season finale, I didnt know it was :P Ive got all seasons on DVD so I just watch it all like that. If thats true, I guess that one was, um....THE BEST!!!
You see?? :P And, I guess it is, along with this one. Because the rest (meaning, the rest of the mid-season finales) were not as great as these.
Long Way Back was more romantic, and this one is more informative about the season plot :P


BTW -- anyone else notice that the words "the client" never appeared under Anson on the screen when the team was "helping" him.


I liked this episode until Mike just didn't shoot Anson in the back as he was walking out of the apartment. The reason Fi said "I killed those men" was because she thought that Larry had some type of dead man's device that set the bomb in the office building foyer off, not because she thought her blast triggered that bomb - she used a rather small amount of c4, which they (Michael and Fi) both know would not set off another bomb that far away. As for the stuff about his dad, Anson did not even intimate that the dad was a spook at all; he did hint that he had taken the dad and tortured him for info of a personal nature on Mike before or right after anson burned michael lo these many seasons ago (which is the kind of information a psychiatrist would want, as it would provide triggers to manipulate Mike). I was so aggravated that Michael did not just kill this guy and then figure out a way to get Fi off the hook - that would have made a MUCH BETTER season finale; then the tension would have been the government mishandling him while he was still trying to do his local work. I'm with the other guy, I was completely ready for the whole who burned me thing to end in sudden violence for the last person who was responsible for it, and was rather PO'ed that they are trying to drag this whole thing out for another dang season!!!!!!!!!! ARGHHHH; all I can say is, Anson should be killed by Mike within 2 - 3 episodes now that he knows who the 'final' burn guy is. BTW; Mike's dad was a piece of crud who got drunk and beat his mom, and he was pissed at his mom because she never left the dad and took the kids away from him. I thought that was actually very apparent almost since the mother character was introduced. All that being said, this has been a great series.


Good episode! I was on the edge of my seat! I was one of the best episodes of all! I was left wanting more when it was over! I can't wait for Novemeber to come around!


Damn! Tavien storylne ended abruptly but yes wrapping up the season plot while advancing the series plot is a great thing. Pearce is still alive and will be working with Mike, hooray! I also hope Mike tells Pearce in a few episodes. Hopefully we'll get more Pearce and Jesse scenes. The flashbacks were a nice touch. Must know more about Mike's dad.


I had a major WTF moment when Tavien jumped. I'm glad it was adequately explained by the reveals later in the episode. I don't like seeing Michael and "the Scooby Gang" being played so easily by the bad guy. Unfortunately, it looks like Anson is going to do just that. He seems to have dirt on everyone and not only does he know their secrets, he knows things about the people closest to the main players that not even they are aware of. For instance, Maddy's therapy visits, Michael's father's possible involvement with the CIA, etc. Anson is going to be a formidable opponent. Especially considering all the damage he has caused despite losing his most talented henchmen. It would be great to see Michael confide in Pearce but, like Jim said, I'm not holding my breath. I really hope I'm wrong. Not just for the sake of the characters in the show but, for the series itself. It would help alleviate some of the "been there, done that" feeling that series sometimes fall victim to.


Of course Fi didn't kill the guards. Of course Anson planted a second bomb to kill the guards. The way explosives are designed these days, they don't go off until you tell them to, and the only way you're going to be able to do that is with a primed detonator.

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