Awkward Season 2 Scoop: A Full Plate for Jenna

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Who wrote the letter? Who did Jenna choose? Those answers were revealed on the Awkward season one finale...

... which, as great finales often do, simply opened up more questions regarding season two.

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Fortunately, creator Lauren Iungerich is here with a couple answers. Or teases, at least, telling Entertainment Weekly that Jenna will have a lot on her plate. Specifically, of course, when it comes to her love life.

“I really want to see her really happy with Jake for a period of time," Iungerich says, adding that it will be a "pretty big thing" when Jake learns Matty and Jenna were an item.

As for Jenna's relationship with her misguided mother? Previews Iungerich:

Jenna is “going to start to become the daughter that Lacey always wanted and at the same time push her mother away. That’s going to be really painful for Lacey, and she’s really going to have to grow.”

Finally, keep your eyes out for a series of love triangles: “Lacey married her Jake, and next season to see Lacey confronted with her Matty would be really amazing as it’s juxtaposed in different areas with Jenna’s relationship between Matty and Jake.”


i miss awkward .... how do you know that's its coming back at the end of fall thats way tooooo long?! i had my matty but is stayed with my jake :D


TOTS fan of jake. jake and jenna all the way . matty looks like a cheesy twilight character and his character is to complicated not hot at all.


jennna for matty! jake for tamara! ricky is a-hole!


such a dilemma! i love jake, he is so damn cute but jenna for matty all the way. sorry jake! really want him to be happpy.


Matty and Jenna ! Not Jake and Jenna :] Beau's so sexy


When exactly is season 2 coming out , and when will it be available on itunes.


Dunno why, but I really like this series...Im like a 17 year old boy... lol, dont even know why im posting this.. Jenna is just amazing love the way she acts and looks. she looks so much better in the series than in real life though.. too much make up in rl.. I hope she gets together with matty again, i really liked jake at the beginning, but hes more the "friend" kinda guy. again, Jenna is wonderful :)


I cant wait for season 2 to start i think this show is so awesome and i kinda wished that Jenna wouldve chose Matty cus thats who she wanted for so long and he finaly got his act together. So team Matty hoping they get together in season 2


I cnt wait 4 season 2 !!!!


its coming back on in the summer of 2012 ending in fall :( cant wait that long!

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