Awkward Season 2 Scoop: A Full Plate for Jenna

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Who wrote the letter? Who did Jenna choose? Those answers were revealed on the Awkward season one finale...

... which, as great finales often do, simply opened up more questions regarding season two.

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Fortunately, creator Lauren Iungerich is here with a couple answers. Or teases, at least, telling Entertainment Weekly that Jenna will have a lot on her plate. Specifically, of course, when it comes to her love life.

“I really want to see her really happy with Jake for a period of time," Iungerich says, adding that it will be a "pretty big thing" when Jake learns Matty and Jenna were an item.

As for Jenna's relationship with her misguided mother? Previews Iungerich:

Jenna is “going to start to become the daughter that Lacey always wanted and at the same time push her mother away. That’s going to be really painful for Lacey, and she’s really going to have to grow.”

Finally, keep your eyes out for a series of love triangles: “Lacey married her Jake, and next season to see Lacey confronted with her Matty would be really amazing as it’s juxtaposed in different areas with Jenna’s relationship between Matty and Jake.”


Jenna should be with matty there sooo cute together who cares with who is best suited to her, she clearly loves him and sees Jake as more of a friend. I cannot wait for season 2 WOOOOOOO


I forgot to mention how sad Jake looked in the hallway when Jenna turned down his invitation for the... winter formal I think it was. Anyway if anyone saw his face expression, it was so sad and depressing. Like I said before, she needs a friend not a boyfriend but she can have that too so that's why Jake is perfect becuz he can provide both for her. Jenna and Matty would ne too tempted for a relationship. Good luck to Jenna and her love life though.


TEAM JAKE! it's better for her anyway. She's always being hurt continuously by Matty. Plus Matty was too forward and pressuring, unlike Jake who is ok with taking it slow. I also think Matty didn't treat her right I mean hiding her in public, that was just wrong but I have to admit that Matty didn't always mess up and he was sometimes very romantic and when he did mess up he'd show up at her house to apololgize but yet how many times did he do that so I mean he's got to do better if he wants Jenna although she's with Jake. Like they say, you don't know what you have until you lose it. I can't wait for SEASON 2!!!


Okay so Jake is OBVIOUSLY the right choice for Jenna and i am just really hoping that in the end of the next season , if it ever does come out,or however many seasons this amazing show will have that they dont go cliche and make the end couple be Matty and Jenna. I'm hoping that in the end Jenna will have a breakthrough or something that will show her that just because Matty was her first and will always have a place in her heart doesn't mean he's whats best for her and that her relationship with Jake trumps her history with Matty. Even though at some point she and Matty will have to get back together :( (GO TEAM JAKE!!)


i love awkward i've been waiting for the season 2 coz i can't really wait for it. i love jenna and jake together , they do have chemistry , i love both of them bcoz they're cute together, i dont know if im gonna like matty to be jenna's boyfriend . he's not worth it. :p but i think matty will be jenna's partner in this tv series. that's sad.


It starts on July 19 2012


Matty and Jake are both inlove with Jenna. But its better if Jenna really ended up with Jake in the end of all the upcoming seasons. Cant wait to watch Season 2!!


does somebody...anybody know when the season 2s gonna out....Plz plz plz lemme know...ASAP


Does anyone know when season 2 will be comming out . its been months since season 1. AND I CRIED WHEN MADDY CHOSE JAKE.


awkward from the beginning last night and finished it.from the very first episode i was addicted and was gutted when it came to an end.i was glad when jenna was happy with jake but because jenna lost her virginity to matty ther will always be a soft spot for him.and i felt so sorry for him at the dance.cannot wait for series 2 xxxxx

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