Awkward Season 2 Scoop: A Full Plate for Jenna

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Who wrote the letter? Who did Jenna choose? Those answers were revealed on the Awkward season one finale...

... which, as great finales often do, simply opened up more questions regarding season two.

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Fortunately, creator Lauren Iungerich is here with a couple answers. Or teases, at least, telling Entertainment Weekly that Jenna will have a lot on her plate. Specifically, of course, when it comes to her love life.

“I really want to see her really happy with Jake for a period of time," Iungerich says, adding that it will be a "pretty big thing" when Jake learns Matty and Jenna were an item.

As for Jenna's relationship with her misguided mother? Previews Iungerich:

Jenna is “going to start to become the daughter that Lacey always wanted and at the same time push her mother away. That’s going to be really painful for Lacey, and she’s really going to have to grow.”

Finally, keep your eyes out for a series of love triangles: “Lacey married her Jake, and next season to see Lacey confronted with her Matty would be really amazing as it’s juxtaposed in different areas with Jenna’s relationship between Matty and Jake.”


I want Jenna to stay with Jake. Whenever she was with Matty she was constantly doubting his intentions. From experience, that is no way to be, it ruins relationships.
Jenna and Jake were practically made for each other, Jake is also genuine and not afraid to be public with Jenna. Matty loves her but he's still the person he always was. I see him with Sadie in Season 2.
I love Jake, never liked Matty.


I almost cried when jenna kissed jake... I mean I thought she was going with matty, she loves him she don´t love jake she´s with him just because he is more convenient it wont last! matty loves her in a different way so as jenna


GAHH I CANNOT wait for season two!!!! I have SO MANY QUESTIONS. Starting out with: Team Matty or Team Jake?? Love them both but whenever I watch the episode "No Doubt" I am immediately hooked into Team Matty but whenever I watch "Fateful" I get hooked into Team Jake. Why is this so impossible to choose?! Another question being will Jenna ever tell Jake that she hooked up with is best friend and how will he react? OR will Matty do it first???? As for Jenna and her mom...what will happen with the whole letter thing, will Jenna's dad find out about it and what will he say???? SEASON TWO HURRY UP AND GET HERE ALREADY!!!!


I hope matty and jenna get back together, I love jake and matty both, i just honestly think that when she begins her relationship with jake , she begins to change who she once was, for jake and her mother,... Mattty brought the best out of her ,Yes there was the ups and down of the secret relationship , but dont forget he tried to change that at the finale and wanted to be with her and become public and take her to prom , He just came out with how he felt a lil to late, But lets hope he tells her how he feels and how much she mean to him, before it is really TOO LATE. I just hope the triangle gets over soon, and jenna is in an offical Love connection with mattyy straight up!


Awkward ist so cool, ich freue mich schon wenn die 2Staffel beginnt.Es wäre so cool wenn jenna mit jake am ende zusammmen ist.


I loooooove Matty
If they don't end up together than it would completely ruin AWKWARD for me!


I am not sure who I like better i mean jake is very cute and he obviously isn't afraid of what people think which is great but matty is just so hot and he really seems to love jenna who cares if hes a little embarrassed i mean who wouldnt be everyone thinks the girl tryed to kill herself and obv. hes not that embarrassed because he showed up at winter formal as funny as i thought it was when she called him a pussy i knew he really cared because he still tryed for her love them both !


Please have matty and Jenna get back together and live happily ever after.


I honestly think that Jake and Jenna are perfect but.... I think Jake is always going to be her second choice. She's gonna end up with Matty and that breaks my heart


i understand why everybody would choose jake but , like OBVIOUSLY she's happier with matty maybe it just took him some time to realize he REALLY does love her. #TEAMMATTY cause i know he can treat her right he just had to come to his senses and realize she cant wait on him foreveer.

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