90210 Review: Going Greek

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Revenge was in the air on 90210. But the real tragedy in "Greek Tragedy" was that the episode was NOT entirely about Naomi.

Every scene this character was in was amusing and fun to watch. From the catty one-liners she shared with Holly to the laser pointer to her chic Greek makeovers, she was on point. Naomi was typical Naomi. Oblivious to Ivy's pain, she simply walked away when she saw something more interesting. Like a magpie spotting a shiny object.

Queen Naomi

The perfect weapon to wield against her new nemesis, Holly, Naomi made a beeline to CU's big fat Greek sorority, which was all to happy to help Naomi get revenge. And, after Holly's toga stunt, all I wanted to see was Naomi wreak havoc on that beeyotch's busted weave. Especially now that Holly found Max's love letters and intends to use them to bury her. We'll see about that.

It was good to see Millie (Sarah Hagan) from Freaks and Geeks playing... well, Millie. An older, college student Millie, but still Millie. Still nerdy, still borderline Amish. And still the voice of reason. She may have been being used as a pawn by Naomi, but she was going to get hers as well. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Annie was hurt that Liam had moved on so quickly after just proposing marriage a week ago. But did I believe for a second she was so crushed? No. Wasn't she flirting with Jeremy last week? At this rate of bed hopping, we should see a few raging cases of herpes soon.

Broke because of the legal battle being waged by Marla's family, Annie had to struggle to find money for her sorority dues. So, of course, that meant she unwittingly became an escort. Shocked at first, she seemed okay with it once she saw the wad of cash.  A scrawny, not too attractive girl becoming a high paid escort. Wasn't that the plot of a Lifetime movie starring former 90210 alum Tori Spelling?

And Jane's pregnant already? Whining about being 20 and a widow and in love with someone who's in love with someone else? Yes, please go back to Alaska. You've already treaded on my last nerve.  By the way Liam, time to lose the Bieber 'do. Bar owner and soon-to-be baby daddy, that look was just way out of sync.

Poor Navid. First his annoying brat of a sister and now his sleazy uncle, Amal. It looked like suffering better be something he gets used to this season. And what exactly crawled up Amal's butt and died? Why the hate towards Shirazi Studios? Navid owed him money but the disdain seemed to be deeper than that.

And why couldn't Navid tell Silver about his uncle blackmailing him? I thought they were such a tight couple.

Dixon created a rave masterpiece that was perfect for Liam's Offshore bar opening. But of course. I loved when the ADD rage kicked in when he found out the infamous Juice Randall didn't show up because of Navid. The histrionics in the coming weeks should be good to watch.

Adrianna, all of a sudden, cared about Liam and his problems. The waitress with the heart of gold. I thought she wanted to redeem herself. And yet here she was again stirring the pot and sticking her nose where it didn't belong.

And a bitter, angry Ivy made an appearance. Ivy needs to start hanging out with a different crowd because if she was expecting a sympathetic ear from the Beverly Hills brain-addled gang, she got a rude awakening. It was understandable that she became increasingly frustrated with them, but did she just meet them? What did she expect? Compassion was not on the menu. Not then, not now. Maybe she should just stick to hanging out with Silver from now on.

The BH clique may be facing more adult problems, but they all have a whole lot of growing up to do. Hopefully the writers let this happen. View the official trailer for next week's "Let the Games Begin" to see if that's the plan.


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I stick by It season 4 is the best one to come!
Naomi I love the Holly war etc! Some people are smart, but Naomi is made to be smart for LIFE! She knows her way to step up from mud!!! And she knows how to make an entrance!
Liam&Annie my dream couple! I love them interact together, i love when they are clumsy/i love U/U hurt me/wanna be together but can't be/-state! they are great together! Pregnant Jane leaving, uhhhhhhhhh! this will bite us in the ass when the season closes! I love the scene were LAnnie've got a closer but still left some open space.
Annie got lured into escorting very smart! was a silly scene but well done!! But she will probably get in huge trouble!
Ade I'm feeling for her! get rejected every single time hurts me to watch! But U should get find some new friends!
Ivy! The writers could easily write her out, just like Teddy! I love the actress but give her something more!
Dixon such a solid actor but got such stupid stories! He didn't had a proper acting scene since the Silver drama in season 1!
Go Naomi,Liam,Annie, Ade & Silver rule, Dixon, Navid, Ivy go out!


I hope the writers will continue to do a good job with Ade and Dixon's relationship, because it's starting to feel like the only thing that could possibly save this show.


@XO: Troll much?




I hate the ending on 90210. They are soooo lame! Come on people. Give me a good cliffhanger and not just some lame note! Every single episode does this! They should really give Adrianna a better storyline. I like Dixon, Annie is ok, do not like Nilver at all! Naomi


I found this episode to be up on a high point for character development, particularly for Liam. Last season he would have ran away from Jane, but he's willing to stick around no matter the cost, even by going far as ditching poor little Annie.
As for Dixon, I thought that considering he's going to go from ADD drugs, to possibly substances like cocaine, they could have shown more of his side effects to the drugs. I did rather enjoy the rage, however, I wish he had hit Navid in the face.
Annie's storyline is making me more curious about her future. She's officially dumped by her ex, she has no money, she doesn't really have her family, besides Dixon. I look forward to her future escorting, that hopefully becomes sexual. Just not a "I was almost raped" escorting though. We all know that Shenae is not THAT talented.
Silver deserves more of a storyline that does not resolve around guys. Much like Adrianna, they're both revolving storylines around guys, with the exception of the death of Silver's mother and Adrianna's musical career. I hope Silver breaks up with Navid and does actually go on to pursue her dreams. As for Adrianna, I liked how she's actually doing the right thing. She hasn't gotten with a guy - thanks writers - which I like a lot, as it shows us more about single Adrianna. However, the amount of scenes she seems to share with Liam and Dixon just insinuates future endeavors between them all.
Navid, I don't wanna waste my time, however, I will admit that the storyline with his uncle is getting more interesting, so I look forward to the outcome of it. Mainly because it doesn't seem to resolve around another girl!
Ivy definitely deserves more screen time with her husband! I haven't really been fond about her, however, the writers have set up a wonderful pathway for character development and heart wrenching wonders for us fans between her and Raj, once he dies.
Finally, Naomi, how much I adored her the episode, like every other! I knew that her newfound sorority would result in 'The House Bunny' movie in a total span of 20 minute screen time. Naomi is going to kick Holly's ass and once she does, I'm gonna laugh. The letter between her and Max isn't really a big deal. Oh wow! You found a letter between her and her ex? Really, bitch? Really? You think a pregnancy scare is a big deal? Drenching that up is only going to make your world come down much quicker. My advice? Don't use it.
Overall, I'd rate the episode 4/5 as it showed every character and gave them all enough screen time AND a storyline. My main happiness is the fact that every character is actually getting to know one another. Highschool was just the boys with the boys and the girls with the girls, unless they were dating. Good to see those who weren't really chatty with one another last year be really talkative! :D


you guys are so dum
that stuff didnt even happen
hell, i was on the show


navid-good story line with uncle
silver-no storyline-did way better with dixon
dixon -good story about them add pills and his anger
naomi -good storyline with that sorority chick ps she doesn't have a busted weave
annie-pass-no hope
Adrianna-pass-she had hope with dixon


who you talking about has bad acting tristan wilds can act i suggest you watch the wire season 4 & 5


Am I the only one that think Austin is the spy for Holly? ;D btw, Ivy's storyline is so boring.. *yawn*

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