Two and a Half Men Season Premiere Spoilers: A Funeral for Charlie

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All will be revealed on September 19.

So states the latest Two and a Half Men promotional photo, but it sounds like we might not need to wait that long for major intel on the season nine premiere. According to Deadline Hollywood, the sitcom WILL, indeed, kill off Charlie Sheen's Charlie Harper.

As a result, the episode will center around this character's funeral.

Alan Moves Out

Look for various girlfriends from Charlie's past to show up for the service, and for his house to go up for sale. Potential buyers that will make cameos will include real-life celebrities, largely comprised of stars from Chuck Lorre's other programs.

Among them? Ashton Kutcher.

The premiere storyline will then be continued on the second episode, by the end of which Kutcher will have purchased the home and moved in.

What do you think of this plan, TV Fanatics?

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Watched 3 episodes of the new show. It is not funny! It is stupid! Did not laugh once, just shook my head. Yesterday, I watched two reruns with Charlie and both my husband & I laughed out loud throughout the show!! The show with Ashton does not have a future!!!!


Charlie, we miss you. Nothing else said.


Everyones so disappointed about Charlie leaving the show and i'll admit he did pretty much make it what it is...but no ones looking at the fact that his personal decisions are the reason he's not going to be on there anymore...he doesnt care enough about his fans to do what makes them happy...Ashton Kutcher is hilarious and he isnt trying to "be" Charlie, hes just another character to watch and love. Everyone has their opinions and this is mine.


If they kill Charlie of the show is gonna die. Charlie is who made the show. I happen to be a big fan of Charlie Sheen.I will proably only watch it in re runs if they kill Charlie off.


It's like friends with no bing, sex and the city, with no samantha, fawlty towers, with no basil etc its not going to work, its run its course do something new.


I really think that if they were gonna kill off Charlie Sheen's character, he should have willed his house to Roberta, the housekeeper. She is so incredibly funny and I think could carry the show....and Jon Cryer!!


Oh, my, why oh why did Charlie quit! Didn't he understand it is the writers who make a show like this great! Can't wait for it to continue. The vaporized Charlie is free to return since there is no remains! Good luck to the continuing cast and good luck to Charlie. Invest well and you can continue in idol luxury. Your fans will miss you.


Show will fail in two weeks time and all that money will be lossed good i hope ever one drops cbs as it should and all the shows it cut this year says it's a money thing as in not have any to pay for actors who make us happy.this is when cbs just got punked. and thats cool with me.becuse it is just like what happen in the white house this money.all good things come to and end and it's all about loss fund with this ad's will pay when it shows 2 times. is about time for a change.good by cbs.long live Charlie Haper you won and we will all see that in a few weeks time when then put you in the ground they will be with you. slot time will be open for NY,house wifes. like we watch that only a few shows and this was number one when it had charlie on it.ever one i no will not be watching new show.


Actually I am glad they are killing off charlie... with all his drinking and unprotected sex he should die of something really horrible or a drunk driving accident. At least it would let Charlie go out teaching a valuable lesson. Regarding the Ashton thing. I like him .. he is always entertaining and totally nice to look at.


I will not be watching the show, I am an avid viewer of the re runs, but without Charlie what's the point? The cast is great, I like Ashton Kutcher but if they kill Charlie off thats it for me. Still a Charlie Sheen Fan

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