Two and a Half Men Season Premiere Scoop: MURDER!

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It's been confirmed: Two and a Half Men will premiere its ninth season with a funeral in honor of Charlie Harper. It will feature a few big names stopping by to pay their respects to the womanizer.

Now, sources tell TMZ just how the show will arrive at this storyline: through murder!!!

Ashton Kutcher on Set

Ashton Kutcher reacts to applause on his first day of shooting Two and a Half Men.

At the sitcom's taping Friday night, witnesses say Rose gave a speech in which it was revealed she and Harper got married, but she soon discovered that he had cheated on her. He subsequently "slipped" off a Pars subway platform and was blown into a "meat explosion."

The implication? Rose killed Charlie and got away with it.

Sounds like something Chuck Lorre would right about his former star's character, doesn't it?


OMG I can't believe Charlie did this!! Check out this video :


1-1/2 men were good. AK was horrible. Won't watch again.


CBS has long been called the network for old people and this show was definitely starting to fall into that category. I have seen every episode since it started (online or on DVD). I really liked Charlie until the last few seasons. The show began relying on the rest of the cast to make it really funny and they did a great job! I think that Kutcher is a good replacement and he will add a slightly different spin to the show but it will allow the rest of the cast to really shine now by just doing what they've been doing so well over the last few years. The Berta character is funny as hell and the writers can continue to develop the Jake and Eldridge characters by allowing them to bring in a teen audience too. All they have to do is leave a couple of minutes per show to let them do another "DumbA$$" stunt or something else along those lines. Kutcher is also flexible enough to even join in on that type of funny idiocy too. BTW I am also looking forward to seeing Charlie Sheen in a new show now. I think everyone is actually "Winning"


The show sucked donkey balls


I'm so disappointed in the show last night. It was slow, and not interesting at all. Huge mistake not to bring back Charlie.. I'm going today and buying every episode I can get my hands on with Charlie. This show will not be the same... hope you proves us wrong tho, but I doubt it!


How sad, the only part that was funny was the funeral. After that, it just went down hill. The show may have great writers but Ashton can't act. His character is the same as in "Dude, Where's My Car". It doesn't work in this show. Chuck Lorre, suck it up, swallow your pride and admit that you made a mistake in letting Charlie Sheen go. He was wrong and has admitted it. Now it's your turn to do the same. Act like big boys, make amends and bring him back! If you can't bring your self to do that, then get someone to play the part; someone that's believable as a "Playboy" and that can act!


This show SUCKED tonight. It will never be the same without Charlie. Kutcher you suck as an actor! I feel sorry for Jake , Allen and the rest of the crew who I think are awesome....especially Rose! Chuck Lorre, you made one HUGE mistake!!!! This was once a GREAT show!


I just saw the "NEW" 2 and 1/2 Men with A. K. It's off my list of shows to watch. The original cast was great, but A.K. really can't act nor has the timing that made the show a hit. Bring back Charlie........... I suppose this show will last 2 and 1/2 months before it's canceled.


Right - a way to turn or a direction. i.e. He turned RIGHT onto 5th street.
Write - To put information down. i.e. Sounds like something Chuck Lorre would WRITE about his former star's character, doesn't it?
Who wrote this?


Don't kill Charlie !!!!

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