The Nine Lives of Chloe King Season Finale Review: Oh Mai God!

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I just don't know where to begin, but this is a good place: Please, ABC Family, renew The Nine Lives of Chloe King. It will be a travesty if we don't find out what happens next. 

Go Team Alek!

"Beautiful Day" showed just how quickly life can take a turn down avenues you've never even imagined. Starting with a fun-filled romp at the fair, the lives of not one, but five of the major characters went rapidly downhill.

Some things were done extremely well this week. Well, a lot of things actually. The music was perfect. From Brian wondering why Chloe couldn't open up to him to the scrore playing during the scenes when Jasmine and Chloe were fighting for their lives, the choices were perfect. 

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

If you didn't come out of this with more questions than you've ever had before, you are far more astute than I am. Who are Brian's family? They obviously work with the Order, but in what capacity? Whitley Rezza's mother had the book that belonged to Chloe's dad. Can we assume she had him killed, and likewise her daughter-in-law, as well?

Whitley stopped communication for some reason and, because Simone is working with Grandma Rezza, it seems a likely possibility that she is at the heart of the family misfortune.

The grief at the loss of his wife must have turned Whitley into a bad man. We've seen the extent to which Simone, Grandma and Zane were willing to go to put an end to the Uniter and all of her protectors. Could Whitley possibly be in the dark as to the enormity of the situation? If he truly understood the danger posed to his son from the Uniter, would he be able to condone Brian's continued involvement with Chloe? I don't believe he is that bad of a father. 

Something interesting happened in the Alek/Chloe/Brian triangle. Alek showed his vulnerability and had a childlike reaction to Chloe's talk with her mom. This made him seem weak. He was not the hero. On the other hand, Brian stopped fumbling the ball and laid his cards on the table with Chloe. As a result, he came off sounding like a man. A man in love.

Finally, looking back at everything that happened thus far, I could see why they took the slow route with Brian and Chloe. He really has shared things with her that he hasn't with anyone else. That is not only flattering, but speaks to his true nature and tugs at the heartstrings.

Alek's reaction left her unprotected by anyone but Brian, Amy and Paul. While they're faithful companions, they weren't skilled in kicking butt like the Mai. It was the first time Alek wasn't there. For anyone.

The tears streaming down Valentina's cheek as she awaited the return of Jasmine only to watch Zane try to take her life were painful. That they were matched by Jasmine when she hit the floor was gut wrenching. The smile on Zane's face as he carried out his mission was atrocious. Thinking of how a more mature Alek could have intervened in these situations is the most disturbing thought of all.

Of all the nights for Alek to zone out, it was the one in which he was needed the most. He returned to complete chaos and the reveal of his... brother? Who saw that coming?

Brian kept his word to Chloe, he didn't leave without knowing she was safe. But she wasn't safe. She was dead. Can anyone blame her for kissing Brian when she came back to life and he was professing his love for her? And don't clap your hands because he didn't earn his fate. I don't believe he is dead for good, though. Do you? 

Alek doesn't deserve to be blamed for the outcome of the evening any more than Brian does. The circumstances fell into place with a precision that that would be painstaking to predict. And pain is what we got - in spades.

The juxtaposition from the opening to the closing scene was a total surprise. I can only hope that we are given an opportunity to see the wrongs from the finale righted at the start of a second season.


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Love this series. Just upset dats its only 10 episode. I cried when Brian Rezza died. I'm going to miss him if d series ever starts back. I hope it does thou.


If a vampire was in that show will the Mai "kiss" kill them?


Dz is nt fair....... ABC has a unique way of spoiling evrytin 4 us..,,,,, jeez jux put the show back on Plz....... We've bin waiting 4lyk Eva. Pweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


I felt so bad for Alek, he loved Chloe completely yet she was kind of settling because she couldn't have Brian. I thought Alek's reaction to what he heard Chloe say to her mum was perfect, it showed how much he cared about her and how he realized she didn't feel the same back. The scene where Valentina and Jasmine were dying was an amazing scene, the two of them were brilliant in that scene even though I didn't want either of them to die. I wasn't that bothered about Brian just because it felt like he had no personality and very little development, made it really hard to care about him. Dam ABC for cancelling this show, there were so many unanswered questions such as:
- Zane how is Alek's brother?
- did either Valentina or Jasmine survive
- How would Alek react to learning he had a brother who also killed his cousin?
- Did Brian really die?
- How did the grandmother get the storybook and does it mean that Chloe's dad is dead?


goddamn it. Left of at the biggest cliff hanger in the history of tv shows!! WHAT THE HELL. AT LEAST GIVE US A REASONABLY GOOD ENDING!


If season 2 airs than BRIAN has to be alive, if not create the movie..... its that simple. I cant wait any longer, i need to see this movie or series immediately. You cant seriously do this to all thae fans. BRING BRIAN BACK ALONG IN THE SERIES!And people u cant honestly want to watch season 2 if Brian is not going to be in, u just cant !


Can you please put on a movie or something but really don't if you do I think the movie would suck so please make a second
Season I mean do you really expect us not to ask all these questions and not get mad? If you don't put it on I'll boycott abc family and have people join and petition. Can you at least tell us wat happens its been a year! Tell us we are tired of waiting!


this show is AWSOME i just whatched season one over again for the second time and was sooooo sooo soooo sad to see there wont be a season to please you cant leave us with all these cliff hangers please please please bring it back


Why. Why would ABC Family cancel this show. I seriously think that this was the best show in the whole entire world. SERIOUSLY PUT IT BACK ON THE AIR Team Chalek!


everyone loves u guys so why would u take it off what happened will jasmine and jasmines mom die is brien dead what about chloe is alek going to die?

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