The Nine Lives of Chloe King First Season Report Card: B

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After a shaky start, The Nine Lives of Chloe King delivered fun and daring stories to viewers, along with one of the most passionately debated love triangles on television. The season as a whole earned a solid B, but I'd bump that grade up if we could just focus on the final few installments.

Let's take a look back at the new show, highlighting the best (and worst) of season one...

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Best Character: I’m going to take some heat for this one, but... Paul. His consistency in being funny and “there” for everyone is a gift we should all possess. Plus, Ki Hong Lee has amazing line delivery and can deadpan even the goofiest of moments. 

Best Episode: Without a doubt, “Beautiful Day.” The finale offered so much for viewers to chew on, and did so without a net. We may never know what happens, and with so much hanging in the balance, it was a pretty daring choice on the part of the show.  Runner up was “Green Star,” and the introduction of Jasmine’s mom, Valentina. Their part in the finale was phenomenal. 

Worst Character: Zane. He ruined everything. His apparent hatred of his brother and disdain for his own race set in motion a series of events from which we may never recover. I wish there had been something to like about him before his true colors were revealed. As it stands, there is nothing they can do to redeem him, which might have been an option as Alek’s brother.

Worst Episode: "Girls Night Out." The introduction of the Mai cousins from South America did nothing to move the story forward. Best moment of the worst hour was Paul’s gift of himself Amy. 

Best Storyline: Any time we learned something new about the Mai. Unfortunately, that was a story left buried for most of the season. Information was given out in doses far too small. All of the events along the way happened because Chloe was Mai, but we never really got a feel for what it means to be Mai. 

Worst Storyline: The introduction of Frank’s daughter as an unwitting victim, which then drew him out of Meredith’s life. Their relationship fleshed out her character and it was good for Chloe to see her mom happy. Thanks for nothing, Vanessa. 

Alek or Brian: Sizzle or soulmate? That was the big conundrum for Chloe. Being Mai (and the possibility of kissing Brian to death) gave the disadvantage to Brian, but viewers would argue that it was his lack of heat that made them feel the soulmate option was shoved down their throats. I don’t think anyone could have imagined Skyler Samuels and Ben Stone igniting the screen as they did. But, as we learned in the finale, you need more than sparks to form a lasting bond. 

Hopes for second Season: That there is one! Yes, there were bumps along the way, but as the season progressed the writers found their footing and went out with one heck of a wallop. Sure and steady, they took us on a ride that deserves to be continued.

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Really a b are u serious get real!!!!!!!111


I don't care who dies and who doesn't even though I like both brian and alek, but please just bring the show back. You think there is any chance they can do another season? I know it's canceled, but maybe a reconsideration after all there are a lot of angry fans and I'm one of them.


and if alek doesnt die off the show it will be just as disapointing as the first season every single time i c him ughh!!!!!!


worst character ALEK BY FAR!!!!!!!!!!! BEST CHARACTER!!!!!!!!!!BRIAN


I hope Brian dies not to be cruel but I didn't like how he was so mean to Alec oh and Alec is totally my first choice for Chloe I totally died when the first season ended I need another season at least!!!!!!


I really enjoyed the show. It offered a way of escape into a fantasy world that gave you just about everything. Between drama, fantasy, mystery, and alittle deception it kept you on your seat. The show was innocent enough for all ages without shoving the always reoccuring sex scenes down your throat. The relationship between Chloe and her mother was refreshing to say the least. It provided for a good family background and future support for the Mia pride.
Though the love triangle between Chloe, Alek, and Brian in my opinion was a bit of a spinoff from "Twilight" it was still interesting. Torn between the human love of her life, and the ever intriging (and only option) love/curiosity Mia Alek, Chloe finds herself in a complex situation.
Best Actor: I would have to say that "Alek" fits the bill so to speak. He brings alot to the show with his character. Keeping up with the tough boy image he not only brings the get the job done mentality, but also keeping you intrigue with his personality. How many layers are there to this onion? Most of the other characters are pretty cut and dry, however with Alek there is always a bit of mystery.
Best Episode: I would have to agree with previous posts on the series finally. The amount of cliffhangers that were left had you sitting on your seat waiting to see what happened next. Though the series started off slow, it had just started to pick up answering the questions that set the pretense for the rest of the story. The love, mystery, and the whos who in the story.
Worst Character: "Zane" hands down. Out of nowhere comes this kid with no explanation, no backstory and boom thrown in as the new vilian, but apparently has some family relation with Alek. Where is the aggression coming from, the hatred, that throws him into the mix with no warning or introduction. Then all of a sudden its over.
Season 2: Yes, ABC needs to continue the story, season 3 or more, maybe-maybe not, but definently a season 2. They had a good thing going which would probably get better if given the opportunity to explain the twists of the first season. Is there anyway to convince ABC to renew? Heres hoping!


@Dawn Drew actually we do not know for sure what happened to Xavier (the club guy), we just know that when Chloe kissed him The Rogue (the assassin) was already spying on her and that he went into Xavier's apartment, but neither him nor Whitley ever said that he has murdered the poor guy.
And also the article Amy gives to Chloe in ep2 says that there was no cause of death, so it's unclear how Xavier actually died.
Sure it is strange how he made it to his home while Brian almost instantly lost his senses.
But whatever happens to Brian I think that Alek is going to put some distance between Chloe and himself, since he will feel responsible for all that has happened in the finale.
Even more since Jasmine warned him that his feelings for Chloe could have put everyone in danger, and in fact this is exactly what happened in the finale, if he hadn't been heartbroken over her he would have been able to save either Valentina and Jasmine or Chloe and Brian.
But apart from the real cause for Xavier's death we all know that Brian is not going to die,I just hope that the writers have in mind a good exlanation for that not a cheap excuse.


So I guess I'm just looking for someone to guesswork with... the assassin in the first or second episode killed the kid that Chloe kissed, and the kid had time to go home and take his shirt off. Brian dies instantly? It could just be an error or an attempt to get some feedback on who the audience is for.
I am pro Alek, but I want to read the book, since rumor has it, Chloe ends up with Brian. Maybe the writers under-estimated the strength of the character and actor. Witty, cocky and yet heartfelt at times...too balanced for Brian to win. The kissing scene with Chloe and Alek had too much passion, it even caught Chloe by surprise. Killing Brian is not the answer to the love triangle that seems to be pissing most viewers off.
All Alek has to do now is scare off Zane and stop the bleeding (Jasmine), but I don't have much hope for her mom (Valencia). :(
All in all, I find the finale to have many cliff hangers and all that I have to say is that I hope the writers have a grand plan.


Best Character: Paul and Alek! Love them individually and everytime they are together they're just hilarious!
But I like all the characters even creepy Simone and Zane, and want to know more about them. Best Episode: Beautiful Day, it was an amazing finale the kind that makes you crave for more and more and more! Jasmine's death was the best moment of the whole series, heartwrenching but great. Worst Character: As I said before I pretty much like all the characters, so I'll go with the Brazilian mai sisters, they were useless. Worst Episode: Girls Night Out, useless episode, really it was nothing more than a filler. When I rewatch the series I always skip that. Best Storyline: May mythology! More of that please, and show us more races. Also focus more on the various mysteries: How was Chloe's father involved in all this humans-mais war? Is he alive? What does Meredith really know about Chloe's origins? What's the truth about Brian's mother's death? What did break the relationship between Whitley and his mother? Why Granny Rezza, Simone and Brian's mother look so much alike? What's Zane's reason for hating Valentina so much (it must be something huge for him dreaming about killing her his whole life)? etc. etc. Worst Storyline: the brazilian mai sisters, they only introduced them to show us once more how Chloe and Brian are "soulmates", well it was already pretty clear from all your promos! You shouldn't have wasted a whole episode on the subject!!! Alek or Brian: Alek! I don't get how people say that Brian is more mature and more supportive and loves her just more...From my point of view, he doesn't know Chloe at all, so how can he truly love her?! Whenever they are together they always talk about Brian's family issues, he does never ask her anything about the important stuff in her life, it's all about him, he doesn't even try to get to know her best friends. And he has proved to be more immature than Alek, given also the fact that he is a college student. Their relationship has never developed, it stays the same way throughout the whole season, and worst of all there's no sparks between them, thay are just plain boring to watch. How forced was in ep.6 the old lady that goes out of her way just to tell them how perfect they are for eachother??? On the other hand I loved Alek and Chloe together from episode 1, they instantly clicked. I love their witty lines, how Alek's feelings have grown with every episode, and also watching Chloe fighting with her own feelings towards him, since accepting him would mean definitely accepting the fact that she will never be human again. He's always there for her, protecting her or giving her advice. Even if it's painful for him like in ep. 6 or after she broke his heart in ep. 8. And the fact hat he has a problem with showing his true feelings is totally comprehensible after what happened with his foster parents, he needs to feel accepted and loved for who he is but he's also scared to be rejected. Hopes for second Season: That there is one! And many more after that! But they seriously need to focus less on the love triangle and more on the mythology, misteries and characters' background. And just to let you know, I could never stand another promo stating how Brian is alternately Chloe's "soulmate"/"one true love"/"love of her life", please give us a break we got it already, you want us to ship them, but you can't force them on us. Sorry for the very loooong post.


I think the reason that Brian's grandmother had the book is because she is the one who had Chloe's dad killed. I would think he died to protect her from them. He rescued Chloe as a baby when all the Mai where slaughtered which, incidently, is the same place that Alek's family died. Chloe, Alek, and Zane are all from the same original pride.

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