The Lying Game Exclusive: Allie Gonino on Family Drama Ahead

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The Lying Game premieres next Monday on ABC Family and is based on a Sara Shepard book series. But there's a pretty big difference between the novels and the show:

According to the written word, Sutton Mercer, one of the twins portrayed by Alexandra Chando, is dead. On The Lying Game pilot, however,and subsequent episodes this summer? The character is very much alive.

"The book and the show are totally different," star Allie Gonino told me. "The core mystery remains, and readers will hopefully enjoy the show, but I didn't read the books after after we shot the premiere. I conceived Laurel on my own."

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Laurel is the younger, adopted sister of Sutton. She's sarcastic and witty and the "comic relief" of the series, Gonino previews. She also ends up being a vital source of information to Emma - also played by Chando - when that sister takes over her sibling's identity.

Don't worry if it all sounds confusing.

Gonino says the August 15 pilot will explain the premise of the series, while viewers can look forward to drama that goes beyond the younger generaion.

"I'm like the fact that the parents have some dirt. There are definitely some skeletons in the closet there."

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