Scott Wolf Cast on NCIS in "Surprising" Role

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Scott Wolf (Party of Five, 90210, Everwood, V) is coming on board NCIS in a role producers say will contain “surprises” in the show's ninth season premiere September 20.

As the potentially recurring character of FBI Agent Casey Stratton, Wolf “will play an important role in this year’s season opener,” Gary Glasberg reveals to TV Line.

The show's executive producer adds, “Who he is and how he influences the NCIS team will come in due time, but I can promise you some unexpected surprises.”

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The new season will pick up four months later, then flash back to the events transpiring after the Season 8 finale, when Tony was given his mysterious mission.

“We’re going to start the show in real time, in September, look back all the way to May, and then jump through the assignment Tony was on,” Glasberg says.

NCIS won't waste any time setting the stage for an explosive season, either.

“I highly, highly recommend you not miss the first five minutes of the show,” Glasberg implores, adding that, in no uncertain terms, “it is going to start with a bang.”

We can't wait. Browse our NCIS spoilers page for all the latest scoop on the new season, and leave comments with your theories on Wolf's role in the premiere!

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he is FBI and we already seen that Gibbs sees Tony as his future potential replacement so many this guy will not only bring surprises but will also become Tony's FBI contact, like gibbs' Fornell?
i don't know but what whatever it is please keep the team united instead of scattered!!!!


I don't like the Ziva character at all and it has nothing to do with a religious affiliation. I don't like her cartoon caricature super hero/victim/superior smugness and despite all the contrivances to make her deep, interesting, and less stiff, I find her dull, one dimensional, and irritating. That someone would accuse another of being anti-semetic because they don't like Ziva is a pretty low blow.


I liked Scott Wolf on Party of five when I was a kid. I think he'll be great on NCIS I hope hes good. I looking forward to the season 9 premiere. I do have to pay attention like every time they go back with flashbacks with 4 mos.


Kim Brady - you have a lot of nerve accusing someone of anti-semitism because they don't like a certain character. You must be a ziva fan....cause her fans tend be as arrogant as the character.


I am so tired of these time jumps.. ughheeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr!!!!


I notice Michael that you never ever mention Ziva in a positive way. Do you dislike Jewish people in general or just Ziva's Jewish character specifically. No offense, just asking.


I'm shocked! Until this very minute I was convinced that the guy playing Michael in suits was Scott Wolf. They look soooo alike!!


Ok so they show Tony and gibbs too much that not shocking the show about them abby and ducky


YOU are joking right Michael? only the last 5 episodes of Season 8 that's all. Yah Scott - can't wait to see ya.


when have they?

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