In Plain Sight Review: "A Womb With A View"

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How could an episode be so heart warming and horrifying all at once? That was my reaction to "A Womb With A View."

Grace was going to sell her baby to the highest bidder. Granted, that bidder was the child's biological father but he's a mobster who was more than willing to kill Grace and most likely leave pieces of her body all over the Southwest. 

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But she wasn't just selling her child, she was mortgaging him off for an 18-year term. That's just cold, and mercenary, and as Marshall put it :

Marshall: It blows right past how do you sleep at night territory and right into the heart of darkness. | permalink

I couldn't agree more.

My one question: why the rush? Kidnapping the baby from the hospital was the first thing that gave them away and it didn't have to happen. She could have waited to be discharged, gone home and proceeded with the same plan a few days later. It just seemed to me that that would have been easier and sent up less red flags.

Once we turned away from the dark side, this episode had a lot of great moments. First, Mary's reference to fembots made me a little giddy. I was a huge fan of The Bionic Woman as a child and the fembot episodes were my favorites. Don't judge.

Then, Mary made me so happy when she called out Mark for using the wrong song in his attempted Say Anything scene. Any child of the late 1980s knows that is an iconic moment in film and a sin to get wrong.

Although I loved Mark's explanation. Who still has a boom box? And where on earth can you find a cassette tape?

My love of In Plain Sight's snark factor was long forgotten when I witness the best Marshall and Mary interaction of the season. 

I have to admit, Marshall was creeping me out a bit with his intimate knowledge of pregnancy issues, but he totally redeemed himself. With the most sincere expression, he explained his feelings to Mary:

Marshall: Look, whatever you're going to do I have total faith that it will be the right thing for you and everyone but it's hard for me to stand here and go on about being here for Grace no matter what without making it clear that the same thing goes for you, times ten. | permalink

How could you not fall in love with him in that moment? It highlighted all that's right about their goofy, strange, wonderful relationship.

I'm thrilled that Mark made an appearance because now Mary can make a decision based on facts and not on imagining the worst.

With the season finale a week away, do you think Mary changes her mind and keeps the baby? And will the little bundle of joy, full of genetically induced sarcastic wit, make an appearance before it's over?

A Womb With A View Review

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