Gossip Girl Scoop: Dan's Feelings For Blair Remain

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The good news for Gossip Girl fans who yearn for more Dan-Blair action?

Dan, like the actor who plays him, Penn Badgley, is reportedly all for it.

The bad news? Blair is reportedly having none of that.


According to TV Line, any romantic feelings on the Dair front will be one-sided in Season 5.

When the show returns Sept. 26, "It’ll be clear that Dan still has feelings for Blair, but the future princess of Monaco is still having none of it," writes Michael Ausiello.

Whether Chuck has a better shot with B remains to be seen, but it looks like Dan and Blair are squarely on the back burner for now. As for Dan and Serena, well ...

Anything can happen, right?

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Are you kidding me? Every character in this show has done messed up things and Dan isn't even the worst of them!! Blair Chuck and Serena are easily the 3 who had done the most F-ed up things to people! At least Dan usually has a reason for what he does, the other 3 usually do things cause they're selfish dicks!!


Even though I want Dair to happen (so FREAKIN' bad) I kinda like this spoiler, for once there is somebody in this show who likes someone but the other person doesn't like them back! That NEVER happens in the GG world, everyone is always paired off if one likes the other, this sounds refreshing to know that they don't ALWAYS get what they want. Would have been better if it were Serena, Chuck or Nate (cause they always get who they want) but oh well I'll settle. In the long run, though, I would like Dair to happen.


Even though I hate this spoiler I have to say Leighton and Penn look fantastic in this picture!


Dair was the only reason i ever start watching gossip girl this year...so it better be on next season !


THANK GOD! Chair all the way Dair just doesnt go together at all

Uncle jackass

I'm still mourning that Dair will never be... I give the writers no credence to think more than 3 episodes ahead. In the end of things I suppose Dan and Blair didn't really suit each other, but the lack of character development can make you feel incomplete. @chairfan, if Dair won't happen, I suppose I could tolerate your ending, but I also agree with the @Observer in how ridiculous the writers can write preposterous plots. @EvE_123, leave the h8 for Dan elsewhere, too many fans around these parts. He maybe a judgmental knob but he's our knob! As for a realistic end for Dan I don't like the idea of a Delena ending as it doesn't happen in the books and they've deviated so far apart from each other since season 2. Perhaps, a true way for Dan "stay in character" is to make sure every other character is happy together while he leaves alone to a job at a newspaper firm.

Gaby ee

I really hope there will be more Dair in season 5. The potential couple was one of the best aspects of last season, so I'm really hoping that Dan and Blair become a real couple in the future.


"Dair front will be one sided in season 5"???
Did this guy seriously just declare a spoiler for the entire season??
Anyway, I don't buy it. Writers wouldn't bother making Dan fall for Blair if there wasn't something bigger in the works for those two.
Dan and Blair are the real couple of Gossip girl. I have been a big fan of the show from the start but no relationship (interaction) has been as good as this. Saving the best for last I guess :)


H8 DAIR Dan should go find someone just like him. Like Charlie or Vanessa. Blair has to be with Chuck they are the perfect couple and they belong together! Derena is even worse. Dan never understoon Serena for what she truly was he just wanted to change her..! I just think I dont like Dan at all...if you think about all the stupid things he's done 4 seasons now you will agree


If they make Chuck and Dan friends, I will lose respect for this show because that would just increase the ridiculousness. Even worse would be Dan, helping Chuck get back with Blair after knowing he exchanged her for a hotel. As for Dan and Serena... Good grief let it bloody go already damn it! I actually would like to see Serena and Nate, so they can stop bumping them off to irrelevant guest stars.

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