Gossip Girl Scoop: Dan's Feelings For Blair Remain

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The good news for Gossip Girl fans who yearn for more Dan-Blair action?

Dan, like the actor who plays him, Penn Badgley, is reportedly all for it.

The bad news? Blair is reportedly having none of that.


According to TV Line, any romantic feelings on the Dair front will be one-sided in Season 5.

When the show returns Sept. 26, "It’ll be clear that Dan still has feelings for Blair, but the future princess of Monaco is still having none of it," writes Michael Ausiello.

Whether Chuck has a better shot with B remains to be seen, but it looks like Dan and Blair are squarely on the back burner for now. As for Dan and Serena, well ...

Anything can happen, right?

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this remember me of the beginning from seth and summer :D
summer didn't like seth in the beginnings...
.. in the end they got married (:


interesting that dan still have feelings for blair.dair all the way!


Chair shippers- Calm down.. You really don't do any justice to your intelligence of the show or anything for that matter. :) Dairr all the way!


Dude, chair fans need to quit being so mad. They are the most hostile shippers of any show i have ever seen. Take a fucking xanax


@ kimmie: their contracts end after season 6, but yes I don't see them that eager to continue with the show after season 6.


Dair fans still think dair is gonna happen?lmfao
Chuck and Blair will never be over.


Dan needs to get rid of his feelings for Blair. That is the best way to end this one-sided relationship. I don't want Dair to get together after the whole wedding with Louis ends. Dair had their chance to get together in season 4. They missed it, and now I really do not want to revisit this couple again. I have never liked Dan so I do not like Blair with him. Chair forever, so I want it to be them in the end. Honestly I would be surprise if there is a season 6 because many actors on the show are saying they may not renew their contract and we all know their contract ends after season 5. Do It would make sense for this season to be all about Chair because they are just simply the best couple in the show and everyone else are not as important. No Dair!!!


That's really smart on the writers part, making Dan have strong unrequited feelings for Blair. It's a classic, time-honored method that keeps working over and over again. I don't get why some of you Dair fans aren't into this. I mean, in the grande scheme of things, isn't this basically what you want? Dan chasing after Blair? It would be dull and anticlimatic (like Dan and Vanessa) if they paired off right away without Blair being hard to get. The chase is what made Chair so exciting. While I'm still a die hard Chair fan who wishes for them to be together in the end, I wouldn't mind if Dan grew a pair and became a worthy competition. It would keep things interesting. I don't want to see a happy couple on gossip girl, that's best saved for a montage in the end of the season finale.

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