Gossip Girl Caption Contest 167

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Welcome to the 167th Gossip Girl Caption Contest at TV Fanatic!

This week's Caption Contest winner is Heddy. Congratulations!

The winning entry appears below. Honorable mentions go out to Trina, leanne and kmiS. Thanks to all for playing and best of luck again next week!

S and N in CA

Serena: "... Why do the writers keep sending us to get this stuff? It's not helping them, it's just making the storylines more confusing."

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Blake: I don't get why you're so fond of that stuff!
Chace: well, you know. It just calms you down after a long hard day of filming and-
Blake: Really, Chace? Really?


Serena: How many calories do you think it has?
Nate: Who cares. I'm not the one wearing the mini-dress.


Serena: THAT'S where we're meeting Blair for lunch today? You're sure it isn't Chuck we're meeting?
Nate: Not completely. Let's find out...


Nate: Hey Serena, you been doing some of that stuff?
Serena: Yeah, how'd you know?
Nate: Your thighs told me you've been getting the munchies!


Nate: ...yellow just isn't your colour.
Serena: I don't look *that* bad surely?
Nate: I need to get high to deal with it!


Blake: We need to find a garbage can
Chace: Its another few blocks away
Blake: Where is a taxi when you need one?


Blake: Should we get some weed for the rest of the cast?
Chace: Weed is bad
Blake: When did you get all pure and good? Its called Medical weed at least we can have an excuse for that


Blake: Keep your hands to yourself Chace Crawford
Chace: why do you keep thinking that I have any relations to Nate?
Blake: Its in your girly feminine blue eyes and hair


blake: i dont know about you but ive got the munchies


chase: i dont know about you but i have the munchies lets go to mc donalds

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