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chase: if we get caught im blaming you

blake : hahaha chase im a main character and your basically a extra they dont sack main characters

chase: thats what charlie sheen thought


Blake: Is it illegal to give weed to the producers, so they can be high and think of a better story line?
Chace: Just make sure I get to nail Kaylee Defer


Please welcome...2011 Choice TV actress and actor...maybe in season 5 they will actually have story lines!


Blake: This is a new sign and God knows I don't read. So, can you tell me what does it say?
Chace: They're giving candies away for free. Be here at 10 o'clock.


blake: i heard this stuff stunts your growth

chase: wont make much difference to you your legs go on forever


blake: ive told you chase i dont do drugs

chase: the producers cant hear you blake

blake: quick give me some


blake: they dont do drug testing at work do they?

nate: ive never been caught so no


while on location filming a scene

serena: nate i think im pregnant ... oooh look chase weed

producers : dont even think about it blake!


nate: serena ! i told you to go incognito and you wear something like that, we dont want to be spotted buying weed , look two guys have just checked you out


chase: do you think if i give the producers some weed they might give me a decent storyline

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